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Art Deco Fashion + Cd-Rom

Nederlands | Paperback | 2011

In the 1920s, not only were architecture and art influenced by Art Deco, fashion was, too. Designers were inspired by the stage... Meer

Astrology Pictures + CD-ROM

Nederlands | Paperback | 2012

The stars and their movements have always captured the human imagination. In all cultures, people have studied the sky to learn... Meer

Geometric Patterns  + Cd-Rom

Nederlands | Paperback | 2009

GEOMETRIC PATTERNS is a completely revised edition of one of Agile Rabbit's best-selling volumes. All designs have been retraced... Meer


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No dog signs + CD-ROM

Nederlands | Paperback | 2012

DOG SIGNS is a collection of images of dogs in all shapes and sizes, taken from signs and posters from around the world. The signs... Meer

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