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Marked for Death
Islam's War Against the West and Me

Engels | Audio Book | 2012

Geert Wilders is a hunted man. He lives in a heavily protected safe house that is bombproof and bulletproof. Why? Because Geert... Meer

Memories of a Nation

Engels | Audio Book | 2014

A major new series from the makers of A History Of The World In 100 Objects, exploring the fascinating and complex history of... Meer

Man's Search for Meaning
An Introduction to Logotherapy

Engels | Audio Book | 2008

When Beacon Press first published Man's Search for Meaning in 1959, Carl Rogers called it "one of the outstanding contributions to... Meer

Capital in the Twenty-First Century
Winner of the Financial Times & McKinsey Business Book of the year Award 2014

Engels | Other Formats | 2015

What are the grand dynamics that drive the accumulation and distribution of capital? Questions about the long-term evolution of... Meer

The End of the World as We Know It

Engels | Audio Book | 2007

It's the end of the world as we know it...Someday soon, you might wake up to the call to prayer from a muezzin. Europeans already... Meer

Finding the Trading Zone and Winning at Win-Win Negotiation

Engels | Audio Book | 2014

You’ve read the classic on win-win negotiating, Getting to Yes but so have they, the folks you are now negotiating with. How can... Meer

Engels | Audio Book | 2011

The Prince is a treatise that systematically charts the best strategies for successful governing. It unapologetically places... Meer

Winner of the Financial Times & McKinsey Business Book of the year Award 2014

Engels | Audio Book | 2015

What are the grand dynamics that drive the accumulation and distribution of capital? Questions about the long-term evolution of... Meer

Voices from the BBC Archives

Engels | Audio Book | 2015

This is a reissue of the 2010 collection. First-hand accounts from the RAF pilots who took part in the Battle of Britain, one of... Meer

Engels | Audio Book | 2006

In 1935, with a doctorate and no job, the twenty-five year old Ernst Gombrich was invited to attempt a history of the world for... Meer

Reflections at Ninety

Engels | Audio Book | 2015

At ninety, Jimmy Carter reflects on his public and private life with a frankness that is disarming. He adds detail and emotion... Meer

Winston Churchill's Greatest Speeches

Engels | Audio Book | 2005

Sir Winston Churchill s greatest speeches digitally remastered, selected and introduced by his grandson Winston S. Churchill.... Meer

The Norman Conquest of 1066 and the Making and Meaning of the Bayeux Tapestry

Engels | Audio Book | 2007

In his fascinating new book, a Yale professor reveals the history, the hidden meaning, the deep beauty, and the enduring allure of... Meer

The Emerging Crisis in Europe

Engels | Audio Book | 2015

George Friedman has forecasted the coming trends (politics, technology, population, and culture) of the next century in The Next... Meer

Engels | Audio Book | 2007

The complete text of the bestselling narrative history of the Civil War--based on the celebrated PBS television series. This... Meer

The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy Seal Team Six Operator Adam Brown

Engels | Audio Book | 2012

A powerful story of the faith, courage, and ultimate sacrifice of a SEAL Team Six warrior. Saved by Christ from a life of... Meer

Duits | Audio Book | 2006

Kaum etwas ist spannender als das Leben interessanter, aufregender, manchmal auch schrecklicher Menschen. Dazu ein herausragender... Meer

His Finest Hour

Engels | Audio Book | 1998

Features the highlights of major speeches given during World War II. Tracks: We Must Arm (16/10/38); The First Month of War... Meer

Six Innovations That Made the Modern World

Engels | Audio Book | 2014

From Steven Johnson, the bestselling author of Where Good Ideas Come From, comes How We Got to Now, the companion book to his... Meer

Includes Ebook

Engels | Audio Book | 2011

This edition unites one of the most influential political works in history, The Communist Manifesto, with six other essays by Karl... Meer

The Liberation Trilogy #3

Engels | Audio Book | 2013

In the first two volumes of his bestselling Liberation Trilogy, Rick Atkinson recounted how the American-led coalition fought... Meer

Engels | Audio Book | 2007

All who listen to this masterful and lucid polemic for a free market economy will never question Milton Friedman's Nobel Prize in... Meer

The Rise of the High-Tech Assassins

Engels | Audio Book | 2015

An essential and page-turning narrative on the history of drone warfare by the acclaimed author of Rumsfeld, exploring how this... Meer

A Life

Engels | Audio Book | 2011

A Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer brings to life the most intriguing woman in the history of the world: Cleopatra, the last... Meer

The Epic Story of the Wright Brothers

Engels | Audio Book | 2015

Two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize David McCullough tells the dramatic story-behind-the-story about the courageous brothers who... Meer

Engels | Audio Book | 2012

For more than twenty years since his New York Times bestseller Don’t Know Much About® History first appeared, Davis has... Meer

Americans in Paris

Engels | Audio Book | 2011

David McCullough tells the story of the American artists and scientists who studied in Paris, and changed America through what they learned there. Meer

Exposing the Truth about Isis, Al Qaeda, Iran, and the Caliphate

Engels | Audio Book | 2015

#1 bestselling author and radio host Glenn Beck exposes the real truth behind the roots of Islamic extremism in Muslim teachings... Meer

The Evolution of a Navy SEAL

Engels | Audio Book | 2014

The companion volume to the multimillion-copy classic No Easy Day by former Navy SEAL Mark Owen reveals the evolution of a SEAL... Meer

Genius, Obsession, And How Leonardo Created The World In His Own Image

Engels | Audio Book | 2012

Author Lester ("The Fourth Part of the World") cracks open Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man in order to explore the cultural... Meer

Engels | Audio Book | 2004

The riveting memoirs of the outstanding moral and political leader of our time, Long Walk to Freedom brilliantly re-creates the... Meer

Engels | Audio Book | 2014

'I stood on the beach truly alone for the first time. I would not see another person for sixty days. I was on an uninhabited... Meer

The New Archaeological Find That Reveals the Birth of Christianity

Engels | Audio Book | 2012

Tabor and Jacobovici have examined a sealed first-century tomb in Jerusalem, where they have found the earliest evidence for a... Meer

One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

Engels | Audio Book | 2013

A celebrated writer pens an irresistible, candid, and eloquent account of her pursuit of worldly pleasure, spiritual devotion, and... Meer

Library Edition

Engels | Audio Book | 2007

As a veteran war correspondent, Chris Hedges has survived ambushes in Central America, imprisonment in Sudan, and a beating by... Meer

Engels | Audio Book | 2003

A compilation of some of the most well-known speeches of modern times. These speeches span the years 1940 -- 1987. Among others... Meer

Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

Engels | Audio Book | 2007

My new friends have begun to suspect I haven’t told them the full story of my life.“Why did you leave Sierra Leone?”“Because there... Meer

How Great Leaders Inspire Unpredictable Brilliance

Engels | Audio Book | 2015

In The Ignorant Maestro, Symphony Orchestra conductor Itay Talgam reveals the art of successful leadership by looking at the... Meer

America's War on Terror

Engels | Elect. Media General | 2003

Anyone who is serious about trying to understand world events since 9-11 cannot miss this. Meer

The Fates of Human Societies

Engels | Audio Book | 2011

In this Pulitzer Prize winner, Diamond dismantles racially based theories of human history by revealing the environmental factors... Meer