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Bottom Billion
Why the Poorest Countries are Failing and What Can be Done About it

Engels | Paperback | 2008

In this elegant and impassioned synthesis from one of the world's leading experts on Africa and poverty, economist Paul Collier... Meer

Eyes in Gaza

Engels | Paperback | 2013

During the course of Israel's twenty-two-day military offensive in 2009 on the Gaza Strip 1,300, mostly civilian, Palestinians... Meer

The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries Are Failing and What Can Be Done about It
Why the Poorest Countries Are Failing and What Can Be Done About It

Engels | Paperback | 2008

In this elegant and impassioned synthesis from one of the world's leading experts on Africa and poverty, economist Paul Collier... Meer

Cultivating Development
An Ethnography of Aid Policy and Practice

Engels | Paperback | 2004

'A superb book, one of those rarities that can change entire ways of thinking. David Mosse is the first social scientist in a... Meer

The Radioactive Citizen's Guide to Nuclear Survival

Engels | Hardcover | 2011

The launch of Russia's Sputnik satelitte in 1957 began an era where American citizens were haunted by fears of annihilation. Baby... Meer

Rethinking International Cooperation in a Complex World

Engels | Paperback | 2015

Many agree that the foreign aid system - which today involves virtually every nation on earth - needs drastic change. But there is... Meer

How to Protect Yourself Against Terrorism, Natural Disasters, Fires, Home Invasions, and Everyday Health and Safety Hazards

Engels | Paperback | 2013

Love, Betrayal and Death in the Sudan

Engels | Paperback | 2004

Love, corruption, violence and the dangerous politics of aid in the Sudan, by an exciting new writer. Emma McCune's passion for... Meer

Visits With Refugees In Africa, Cambodia, Pakistan And Ecuador

Engels | Paperback | 2003

Three years ago, award-winning actress Angelina Jolie took on a radically different role as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN High... Meer

Being Strong in a World Where Things Go Wrong

Engels | Hardcover | 2014

Building resilience--the ability to bounce back more quickly and effectively--is an urgent social and economic issue. Our... Meer

An Approach to Emergency Situations

Engels | Paperback | 1997

Relief workers face rapidly changing and complex environments, new disease patterns, enormous humanitarian needs and relatively... Meer

How Aid Can Support Peace - or War

Engels | Paperback | 1999

Echoing the words of the Hippocratic Oath, the author challenges aid agency staff to take responsibility for the ways that their... Meer

An Introduction to International Development

Engels | Paperback | 2009

International development is big business. Official global aid flows from North to South are over $100 billion annually. China and... Meer

Reflexive Practice

Engels | Ebook | 2014

How can international aid professionals manage to deal with the daily dilemmas of working for the wellbeing of people in countries... Meer


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Humanitarian Quests, Impossible Dreams of Medecins Sans Frontieres

Engels | Paperback | 2015

This study of Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) casts new light on the organization's founding principles,... Meer

How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster

Engels | Paperback | 2014

On January 12, 2010, the deadliest earthquake in the history of the Western Hemisphere struck the nation least prepared to handle... Meer

The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster

Engels | Paperback | 2010

"The freshest, deepest, most optimistic account of human nature I've come across in years."-Bill McKibbenThe most startling thing... Meer

Managing Disruption, Avoiding Disaster, and Growing Stronger in an Unpredictable World

Engels | Paperback | 2014

New York. Athens. Wenzhou. Boston. Oslo. Dhaka. New Orleans. Nairobi. In recent years, dozens of cities across the globe have been... Meer

Everything You Need to Know to Prepare Yourself for the Worst

Engels | Paperback | 2015

Disaster can strike at any time with no warning. Most people aren't forward-thinking enough to prepare for the worst, and others... Meer

The Ultimate Prepper's Guide to Getting Prepared When You're on a Tight Budget

Engels | Paperback | 2013

Disaster can strike at any moment. Luckily, Patty Hahne's Doomsday Prepping Crash Course can show you how to prepare your home for... Meer

Violence, Politics And Humanitarian Action

Engels | Paperback | 2004

While military intervention in Iraq was being planned, humanitarian organizations were offered US government funds to join the... Meer

The MSF Experience

Engels | Paperback | 2011

From international NGOs to UN agencies, from donors to observers of humanitarianism, opinion is unanimous: in a context of the... Meer

What's Wrong with Humanitarian Aid?

Engels | Paperback | 2011

A vast industry has grown up around humanitarian aid: a cavalcade of organizations--some 37,000--compete for a share of the $160... Meer

My Crash Course in International Diplomacy

Engels | Paperback | 2010

The year is 1997, Michael Soussan, a fresh-faced young graduate takes up a new job at the U.N.’s Oil-for-Food Program, the largest... Meer

The Paradox of Humanitarian Action

Engels | Paperback | 2002

Humanitarian groups have failed, Fiona Terry believes, to face up to the core paradox of their activity: humanitarian action aims... Meer

The Story of Aid and War in Modern Times

Engels | Paperback | 2011

From Rwanda to Afghanistan, from Sudan to Iraq, this brilliantly written and at times blackly funny work of reportage shows how... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 2011

A global catastrophic risk is one with the potential to wreak death and destruction on a global scale. In human history, wars and... Meer

The Struggle for Recognition

Engels | Paperback | 2012

In Gender, Heterosexuality, and Youth Violence, James W. Messerschmidt unravels some of the mysteries of teenage violence. Written... Meer

Frontline Photography Since 1850

Engels | Hardcover | 2009

War and Humanity traces the history of the largest humanitarian organization in the world - ICRC - through its remarkable... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 2009

Nuclear bombs in suitcases, anthrax bacilli in ventilators, tsunamis and meteors, avian flu, scorchingly hot temperatures:... Meer

The Development Revolution from the Global South

Engels | Paperback | 2010

Amid all the complicated economic theories about the causes and solutions to poverty, one idea is so basic it seems radical: just... Meer

Politics and the Disaster Relief Industry in Africa

Engels | Paperback | 2009

A powerful critique of the international humanitarian agencies dominating famine relief in Africa. --Foreign Affairs This is... Meer

The Untold Story of Mao's Great Famine

Engels | Paperback | 2013

Yang Jisheng's Tombstone is the book that broke the silence on of one of history's most terrible crimes. More people died in Mao's... Meer

How Cars, Compounds and Hotels Shape Humanitarianism

Engels | Paperback | 2015

Aid workers commonly bemoan that the spaces and experiences of working in 'the field' often sit uneasily with the goals they've... Meer

Lockerbie Cover-up

Engels | Paperback | 1995

For the first time, the truth about who blew Pan Am 103 out of the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland, is revealed by the man who risks... Meer

Moving from Crisis to Opportunity

Engels | Paperback | 2014

In this fully updated Second Edition, three of today’s most respected crisis/risk communication scholars provide the latest... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 2010

The international development community invests billions of dollars to improve organisational capacity. But real-life practice is... Meer

The Politics of Military and Humanitarian Interventions

Engels | Paperback | 2013

From natural disaster areas to zones of political conflict around the world, a new logic of intervention combines military action... Meer

Humanitarianism in Crisis

Engels | Paperback | 2003

Draws on first-hand accounts from war zones throughout the world to illustrate a growing gap between humanitarian ambition and... Meer

Reflections on Medecins Sans Frontieres' Perception Project

Engels | Paperback | 2012

What are the ethical issues involved in providing humanitarian aid? What is the real impact of humanitarian groups? Medecins Sans... Meer

Solidarity in the Age of Post-Humanitarianism

Engels | Paperback | 2012

This path-breaking book explores how solidarity towardsvulnerable others is performed in our media environment. Itargues that... Meer

The Human Cost of Climate Change

Engels | Paperback | 2014

Deniers of climate change sometimes quip that claims about global warming are more about political science than climate science.... Meer

Complicity, Contradictions and Prospects

Engels | Paperback | 2013

The growth and spread of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) at local and international levels has attracted considerable... Meer

A Career Guide

Engels | Paperback | 2015

This is an indispensable career guide for everyone wanting to work in or already working in the international development and... Meer

Famine, Aid, Politics and the Media

Engels | Paperback | 2013

The media reporting of the Ethiopian Famine in 1984-5 was an iconic news event. It is widely believed to have had an unprecedented... Meer