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30 artikelen in Bestbeoordeelde Cognitieve psychologie

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Thinking, Fast and Slow

Engels | Hardcover | 2011

In the international bestseller, Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman, the renowned psychologist and winner of the Nobel Prize... Meer

Where Good Ideas Come from
The Seven Patterns of Innovation

Engels | Binding Unknown | 2011

The printing press, the pencil, the flush toilet, the battery--these are all great ideas. But where do they come from? What kind... Meer

On Intelligence

Engels | Paperback | 2005

From the inventor of the PalmPilot comes a new and compelling theory of intelligence, brain function, and the future of... Meer

The Gift of Fear
Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence

Engels | Paperback | 1998

Through dozens of compelling examples from his own career, security expert Gavin deBecker teaches readers how to read the signs of... Meer

The Journey Beyond Yourself

Engels | Hardcover | 2013

Who are you? When you start to explore this question, you find out how elusive it really is. Are you a physical body? A collection... Meer

An Introduction to Relational Frame Theory and Its Clinical Applications

Engels | Paperback | 2010

Relational frame theory, or RFT, is the little-understood behavioral theory behind a recent development in modern psychology: the... Meer

Using the New Psychology of Timeto Your Advantage

Engels | Paperback | 2010

Every significant choice, every important decision we make, is determined by our perception of time. This is the most influential... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 2001

A wide-ranging investigation of the ecology of inner and outer space the role of chaos theory in the dynamics of human creation... Meer

Consciousness and the Origins of Art

Engels | Paperback | 2004

The breathtakingly beautiful art created deep inside the caves of western Europe in the late Ice Age provokes awe and wonder in... Meer

The Science of Why Jokes Make Us Laugh, Movies Make Us Cry, and Religion Makes Us Feel One with the Universe

Engels | Hardcover | 2014

Why do some things pass under the radar of our attention, but other things capture our interest? Why do some religions catch on... Meer

A Very Short Introduction

Engels | Paperback | 2005

Consciousness, 'the last great mystery for science', has now become a hot topic. How can a physical brain create our experience of... Meer

Why Right - Brainers Will Rule The Future

Engels | Paperback | 2008

This book describes a huge - but mainly undetected - shift now underway. We are moving from an economy and society built on... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 1996

When published in 1981, The Mismeasure of Man was immediately hailed as a masterwork, the ringing answer to those who would... Meer

Improvisation in Life and Art

Engels | Paperback | 1991

This book is about the inner sources of spontaneous creation. It is about where art in the widest sense comes from. It is about... Meer

Biological Roots of Human Understanding

Engels | Paperback | 1992

With the help of illustrations and examples from biology, linguistics and social and cultural phenomena, this book shows that the... Meer

Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds

Engels | Paperback | 2008

This book will teach you a new way to communicate which gets to the heart of things! By asking Clean Language questions to explore... Meer

Leading Scientists Explore the Brain, Memory, Personality, and Happiness

Engels | Paperback | 2011

Readers will enjoy a short, cutting-edge master class covering everything they need to know about the mind. The book is edited by... Meer

From Intention to Articulation

Engels | Paperback | 1993

In Speaking, Willem Pim Levelt, Director of the Max-Planck-Institut fur Psycholinguistik, accomplishes the formidable task of... Meer

Making Sense of People

Engels | Paperback | 1999

How do we make sense of other people and of ourselves? What do we know about the people we encounter in our daily lives and about... Meer

Cognitive, Neuroscience, Developmental, and Applied Perspectives

Engels | Hardcover | 2007

Over the last decade, the topic of prospective memory - the encoding, storage and delayed retrieval of intended actions - has... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 2006

Road accidents are the major cause of death and injury among young people in the developing world, and the field of psychology can... Meer

Engels | Hardcover | 2002

Sternberg's text balances accessible writing, practical applications, and research scholarship, interweaving biology throughout... Meer

Tools for Charting the Vast Territories of Your Mind

Engels | Paperback | 1995

This book is aimed at ages 5 to 18 years. Draw students into the mapping process with Map It! Get your students involved in... Meer

A Post-Skinnerian Account of Human Language and Cognition

Engels | Hardcover | 2001

This volume goes beyond theory and gives the empirical and conceptual tools to conduct an experimental analysis of virtually every... Meer

Learning to Act on Intuition Instantly

Engels | Paperback | 2013

In the past few years there has been an increase in the use of the word intuitive. This increase has been a direct result of the... Meer

Learning to Think in Freedom

Engels | Paperback | 2001

Eknath Easwaran shows readers how to choose the way they think, feel, aspire, and desire. Meer

Image and Word in the Mind of Narrative

Engels | Paperback | 2011

'Religious Narrative, Cognition and Culture' brings together some of the world's leading scholars in the fields of cognitive... Meer

To Get Where You Want to Go

Engels | Paperback | 2000

Motivation is the key to success in life, particularly in the martial arts. Students need motivation to achieve their goals.... Meer

The Science Behind Your Smile

Engels | Paperback | 2006

What exactly is happiness? Can we measure it? Why are some people happy and others not? And is there a drug that could eliminate... Meer

4th Edition

Engels | Paperback | 2007

Cognitive Psychology In and Out of the Laboratory provides a student-centered approach for undergraduate courses in cognitive... Meer