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Secrets of the Vine
Breaking Through to Abundance

Engels | Hardcover | 2006

In this attractive repackage of the original bestselling Secrets of the Vine, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson explores John 15 to show you how... Meer

Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success Playbook
Applying the Pyramid of Success to Your Life

Engels | Paperback | 1900

The authors reveal the building blocks and key values that have brought CoachWooden extraordinary success and great victory. (Motivation) Meer

The Craft of Ritual Studies

Engels | Paperback | 2013

In religious studies, theory and method research has long been embroiled in a polarized debate over scientific versus theological... Meer

The Solace of Fierce Landscapes
Exploring Desert and Mountain Spirituality

Engels | Paperback | 2007

In the tradition of Kathleen Norris, Terry Tempest Williams, and Thomas Merton, The Solace of Fierce Landscapes explores the... Meer

A Daybook of Wisdom and Faith

Engels | Paperback | 2006

In these 366 original, interlocking morsels of daily wisdom, Nouwen provides both sustenance and a trail for readers to follow, as... Meer

Breaking Through to Abundance

Engels | Paperback | 2002

In the Secrets of the Vine Bible Study, Bruce Wilkinson shows groups or individual readers how the three Secrets of the Vine... Meer

Inspirational Thoughts for Each Day

Engels | Hardcover | 2000

For such a small book, Grace for the Moment has had a major impact on countless lives. With more than 2,500,000 copies sold, this... Meer

Tibetan Yoga of Movement

Engels | Paperback | 2008

Yantra Yoga, the Buddhist parallel to the Hathayoga of the Hindu tradition, is a system of practice entailing bodily movements,... Meer

Spiritual Direction For Life'S Sacred Questions

Engels | Paperback | 2006

Providing wisdom and comfort to Christians in doubt and crisis, here is "Virtue" magazine's 1991 Book of the Year, now in... Meer

Breaking Through to Abundance

Engels | Hardcover | 2001

In this attractive repackage of the original bestselling Secrets of the Vine, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson explores John 15 to show you how... Meer

A Practical Guide for Understanding and Celebrating the Biblical Holy Days

Engels | Paperback | 2007

How can the biblical holy days such as Passover/Unleavened Bread and Tabernacles be observed? What do they mean for Christians... Meer

Megaliths, Cathedral, Ley Lines, and the Power of Shared Consciousness

Engels | Paperback | 2011

Chris Hardy shows how the world's sacred sites--via their megaliths and temples--act as antennae for the energies of the cosmos.... Meer

Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux

Engels | Paperback | 1989

During the winter of 1947, Black Elk, the Oglala Sioux holy man, related to Joseph Brown seven of the sacred Oglala traditions,... Meer

An Approach to the Anthropology of Religion

Engels | Paperback | 2013

Examines religious practices from an anthropological perspective Religions in Practice, 6/e, offers an issues-oriented perspective... Meer

Daily Meditations for His Journals

Engels | Hardcover | 2004

One of the most influential American spiritual writers of the past century provides 365 days worth of inspirational and... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 2005

In this classic collection of lectures, Buddhist monk, scholar, poet and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh shows us that suffering is... Meer

The Rosary in History and Devotion

Engels | Paperback | 2002

The Christian rosary is a devotion in which a set of beads is used to keep tally of the prescribed prayers while pondering with... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 1984

"Every one of these stories is about YOU." --Anthony de MelloEveryone loves stories; and in this book the bestselling author of... Meer

Love Letters from Your King

Engels | Hardcover | 2004

This beautiful, full-color book opens the eyes of women so they can see themselves the way God sees them. Honest encouragement and... Meer

Art, Ritual, Performance

Engels | Hardcover | 2011

A holistic view of Balinese art, ritual, and performance Meer

Engels | Paperback | 2007

This work includes inspiring meditations and photographs that bring the ancient mysteries into daily life. It contains the... Meer

Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God

Engels | Paperback | 2001

Sophia, whose name is the Greek word for wisdom, is the mother of all origins and the feminine energy that connects all things.... Meer

A Few Thoughts on Creativity and Suffering

Engels | Paperback | 2010

We plot. We plan. We assume things are going to go a certain way. And when they don't, we find ourselves in a new place---a place... Meer

A Very Short Introduction

Engels | Paperback | 2012

It has been suggested that 'spirituality' has become a word that 'can define an era'. Why? Because paradoxically, alongside a... Meer

Postcolonial Healing in the Native American Church

Engels | Paperback | 2013

Drawing on two years of ethnographic field research among the Navajos, this book explores a controversial Native American ritual... Meer

Discover the Joy of

Engels | Hardcover | 2002

Effective October 1, 2002, Joyce Meyer's bestselling backlist is available exclusively from Warner Faith. And look for the first... Meer

A Sourcebook

Engels | Paperback | 2014

Sacred Earth Celebrations is the revised and updated version of Glennie Kindred's bestselling, Sacred Celebrations. It is an... Meer

Curacao's African-Caribbean Ritual and the Politics of Memory

Engels | Paperback | 2012

As contemporary Tambu music and dance evolved on the Caribbean island of Curacao, it intertwined sacred and secular, private and... Meer

A Reader

Engels | Paperback | 2011

Pilgrimage inspired and shaped the distinct experiences of commoners and nobles, men and women, clergy and laity for over a... Meer

Exploring Universal Themes and Dreams

Engels | Paperback | 1998

Looking at myths and folktales from around the world, Jeremy Taylor reveals parallels between these ancient sacred stories and the... Meer

Ritual and Religion Among the Kapsiki/Higi of North Cameroon and Northeastern Nigeria

Engels | Paperback | 2012

Walter E. A. van Beek draws on over four decades of extensive fieldwork to offer an in-depth study of the religion of the... Meer

Love Letters from Your Prince

Engels | Hardcover | 2009

Scriptures, letters, and prayers inspire women to embrace their role as the bride of Christ in this life-giving book by the... Meer

Advent 2012 to Christ the King 2013

Engels | Paperback | 2012

The latest annual volume of Reflections for Daily Prayer offers another year of high-quality Bible reflections based on the Common... Meer

A Concise History from Antiquity to the Present

Engels | Paperback | 2006

The only comprehensive, single-volume survey of magic available, this compelling book traces the history of magic, witchcraft, and... Meer

Spiritual Journey in Sicily

Engels | Hardcover | 1992

A hauntingly beautiful story. Susan Lloyd's search for the remaining vestiges of the Dark Goddess in modern Sicily held me... Meer

An ABC Theologized

Engels | Paperback | 1993

Now in paperback: a wry, thought-provoking jaunt through the spiritual terrain of our everyday language--a lexicon of uncommon... Meer

The Debate on Sati in Colonial India

Engels | Paperback | 1998

Contentious Traditions analyzes the debate on sati, or widow burning, in colonial India. Though the prohibition of widow burning... Meer

A Child's Book of Bible Teachings

Engels | Paperback | 1995

Using simple, conversational language, this classic volume discusses such matters as the nature of God, sin, salvation, the... Meer

Ancestor Worship in Ancient India

Engels | Paperback | 2013

Feeding the Dead outlines the early history of ancestor worship in South Asia, from the earliest sources available, the Vedas, up... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 2013

In 2006 Stephen Legault experienced a period of tremendous upheaval, the result of bad decisions and a lifetime of anger and fear... Meer

Outdoor Insights Pocket Devotionals

Engels | Paperback | 2002

Although popular author Phil Callaway offers no guarantee for a lower golf score, he does offer 40 short devotionals full of warm,... Meer