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Their Religious Beliefs and Practices

Engels | Paperback | 2011

klantbeoordeling: 4.0 van de 5 sterren

Andrew Rippin's Muslims is essential reading for students and scholars alike. This new edition has been comprehensively updated... Meer

Reclaim Your Heart

Engels | Paperback | 2012

Many of us live our lives entrapped by the same repeated patterns of heartbreak and disappointment. Often, we have no idea why... Meer

No God But God
The Origins, Evolution and Future of Islam

Engels | Paperback | 2011

*Ten years on from 9/11, much of the Muslim faith remains largely unknown and misunderstood in the West. *While there have been a... Meer

Loyalty And Leadership In An Early Islamic Society

Engels | Paperback | 2001

An updated classic study of 10th- and 11th-century society in Buyid Iran. Arguing that medieval Islamic society must be understood... Meer

No God But God
The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam

Engels | Paperback | 2006

Though it is the fastest growing religion in the world, Islam remains shrouded in ignorance and fear. To many in the west, Islam... Meer

Lost Islamic History
Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation from the Past

Engels | Paperback | 2014

Islam has been one of the most powerful religious, social, and political forces in history. Over the last 1400 years, from origins... Meer

Temptations of Power
Islamists and Illiberal Democracy in a New Middle East

Engels | Hardcover | 2014

In 1989, Francis Fukuyama famously declared that we had reached the end of history, and that liberal democracy would be the... Meer

Islam For Dummies
A Reference for the Rest of Us!

Engels | Paperback | 2003

Many non-Muslims have no idea that Muslims worship the same God as Christians and Jews, and that Islam preaches compassion,... Meer

A History of Christian-Muslim Relations

Engels | Paperback | 2000

The relationship between the Christian and Muslim worlds has been a long and tortuous one. Over the course of the centuries the... Meer

The Ulama in Contemporary Islam
Custodians of Change

Engels | Paperback | 2007

From the cleric-led Iranian revolution to the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan, many people have been surprised by what they see... Meer

Islamic Patterns
An Analytical and Cosmological Approach

Engels | Paperback | 1999

Islamic art has long been misunderstood in the West as no more than decoration. This study explains how the geometrical patterns... Meer

Inside the Army of Terror

Engels | Paperback | 2015

klantbeoordeling: 5.0 van de 5 sterren



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Crime and Punishment in Islamic Law
Theory and Practice from the Sixteenth to the Twenty-First Century

Engels | Paperback | 2006

Rudolph Peters' book is about crimes and their punishments as laid down in Islamic law. In recent years some of the more... Meer

Islamic Modernism, Nationalism, and Fundamentalism
Episode and Discourse

Engels | Paperback | 2005

The Islamic world has experienced extensive social changes in modern times - the rise of new social classes, the formation of... Meer

Islamic Imperialism
A History

Engels | Paperback | 2013

From the first Arab-Islamic Empire of the mid-seventh century to the Ottomans, the last great Muslim empire, the story of the... Meer

A New Introduction to Islam

Engels | Paperback | 2009

The second edition of this student-friendly textbook explores the origins, major features and lasting influence of the Islamic... Meer

In the Shadow of the Sword
The Birth of Islam and the Rise of the Global Arab Empire

Engels | Paperback | 2013

A thrillingly panoramic and incredibly timely account of the rise of Islam, from the acclaimed author of Rubicon and Persian Fire.... Meer

The Cambridge Companion to Muhammad

Engels | Paperback | 2010

As the Messenger of God, Muhammad stands at the heart of the Islamic religion, revered by Muslims throughout the world. The... Meer

The Trail of Political Islam

Engels | Paperback | 2006

Beginning in the early 1970s, militants revolted against the regimes in power throughout the Muslim world and exacerbated... Meer

Memories of Muhammad
Why the Prophet Matters

Engels | Ebook | 2009

Who was the historical Muhammad, and how do Muslims remember him—as a holy prophet, a cultural revolutionary, a military leader,... Meer

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His Life Based on the Earliest Sources

Engels | Paperback | 2006

klantbeoordeling: 4.0 van de 5 sterren

• Includes important additions about the prophet's spread of Islam into Syria and its neighboring states• Contains original... Meer

The Power of Militant Islam in Afghanistan and Beyond

Engels | Paperback | 2010

The American bombing of terrorist bases in Afghanistan under the protection of the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban movement has... Meer


Engels | Paperback | 2010

Despite numerous sources suggesting that Islamophobia is becoming both increasingly prevalent and societally acceptable in the... Meer

Islam and the Secular State
Negotiating the Future of Shari'a

Engels | Paperback | 2009

What should be the place of Shari'a - Islamic religious law - in predominantly Muslim societies of the world? In this ambitious... Meer

Understanding Jihad

Engels | Paperback | 2005

Jihad is one of the most loaded and misunderstood terms in the news today. Contrary to popular understanding, the term does not... Meer

The Crisis of Islam
Holy War and Unholy Terror

Engels | Paperback | 2004

In his first book since "What Went Wrong?" Bernard Lewis examines the historical roots of the resentments that dominate the... Meer

A World without Islam

Engels | Paperback | 2012

What if Islam never existed? To some, it's a comforting thought: no clash of civilizations, no holy wars, no terrorists. But what... Meer

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The Koran
The Koran EBOOK

Engels | Ebook | 2012

As the sacred book of Islam, the Koran, or Qur'an in transliteration, is believed by devout Muslims to be the direct word of God,... Meer


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Forty Hadith Qudsi

Engels | Paperback | 1997

The 'hadith qudsi' are the sayings of the Prophet divinely communicated to him. The present collection has been compiled from all... Meer

The Arab Awakening
Islam and the New Middle East

Engels | Hardcover | 2012

Tariq Ramadan is one of the most acclaimed figures in the analysis of Islam and its political dimensions today. In The Arab... Meer

The Road To Mecca

Engels | Paperback | 2000

klantbeoordeling: 4.5 van de 5 sterren

Part travelogue, part autobiography, The Road to Mecca is the compelling story of a Western journalist and adventurer who... Meer

The Battle for God
Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Engels | Paperback | 2001

Britain's greatest religious historian chronicles the rise and rise of fundamentalism. One of the most potent forces bedevilling... Meer

Christmas in the Koran
Luxenberg, Syriac, and the Near Eastern and Judeo-Christian Background of Islam

Engels | Hardcover | 2014

Centering on the pioneering work of Christoph Luxenberg, this anthology of scholarly yet accessible studies of the Koran makes a... Meer

Reclaim Your Heart

Engels | Ebook | 2012

This is not just a self-help book. It is about the journey of the heart in and out of the sometimes destructive ocean of life. It... Meer

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The Alchemy of Happiness
Know Yourself, Know Your God

Engels | Paperback | 2005

Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali (1058-1111) is one of the most important religious figures in Islamic history. He is particularly... Meer

Why We Want to Kill You
The Jihadist Mindset & How to Defeat it

Engels | Hardcover | 2007

A self-confessed former Islamic terrorist reveals why he and his former colleagues commit acts of violence and genocide, and are... Meer

Al-Ghazali On The Ninety-Nine Beautiful Names Of God
Al-Maqsad Al-Asna Fi Sharh Asma' Allah Al-Husna

Engels | Paperback | 1992

In this work, here presented in a complete English edition for the first time, the problem of knowing God is confronted in an... Meer

Jesus and Muhammad
Profound Differences and Surprising Similarities

Engels | Paperback | 2004

This volume explores the surprising similarities and differences between two of the most important religious leaders of all... Meer

Miraculous Movements
How Hundreds of Thousands of Muslims Are Falling in Love with Jesus

Engels | Paperback | 2012

How do the people most resistant to the transformative power of the gospel come to be its most devoted followers? Miraculous... Meer

Virtues of the Flesh
Passion and Purity in Early Islamic Jurisprudence

Engels | Hardcover | 2004

Robust sexuality, profound spirituality and elaborate legalism are, at first glance, strange bedfellows. The conventional Western... Meer

An-Nawawi's Forty Hadith
An Anthology of the Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad

Engels | Paperback | 1997

This collection of forty 'hadith' by one of the most famous compilers of 'hadith' is generally regarded as the most popular... Meer

Muslim and Catholic Pilgrimage Practices
Explorations Through Java

Engels | Hardcover | 2014

Employing a comparative theological and phenomenological analysis, this book reveals the deeper religio-cultural and theological... Meer

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)

Engels | Paperback | 2005

klantbeoordeling: 4.3 van de 5 sterren

Islam expert Robert Spencer reveals Islam's ongoing, unshakable quest for global conquest and why the West today faces the same... Meer

Believing Women in Islam
Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur'an

Engels | Paperback | 2002

Does Islam call for the oppression of women? Non-Muslims point to the subjugation of women that occurs in many Muslim countries,... Meer


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