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Photography and Architecture

Engels | Hardcover | 1985

A study of world architecture as seen through the eyes of ninety great masters of the camera, this magnificently produced book... Meer

Deep South

Engels | Hardcover | 2005

DEEP SOUTH is a much-anticipated collection of Sally Mann's exquisite, ethereal landscape photographs. Many of these photographs... Meer

Tunnel People

Engels | Paperback | 2010

Following the homeless Manhattanites who, in the mid-1990s, chose to start a new life in the tunnel systems of the city, this... Meer

States of Decay
Urbex New York & Americas Forgotten North East

Engels | Hardcover | 2013

If America is the Roman Empire of our time then New York City is Rome. The pulsating heart of the West pumps greenbacks through... Meer

From the 1900s to the Present

Engels | Hardcover | 2015

In the last decade there has been a major reappraisal of the role and status of the photobook within the history of photography.... Meer

Engels | Hardcover | 2015

Based on the blog with more than a million loyal fans, a beautiful, heartfelt, funny, and inspiring collection of photographs and... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 2003

This is a collection of 45 Tokyo street fashion portraits from Japan's premier fanzine. Fruits was established in 1994, by... Meer

Engels | Hardcover | 2013

Based on the blog with more than a million loyal fans, a beautiful, heartfelt, funny, and inspiring collection of photographs and... Meer

The National Park Service Photographs

Engels | Hardcover | 2004

In 1941 Ansel Adams was hired by the United States Department of the Interior to photograph America's national parks for a series... Meer

Jasper Conran

Engels | Hardcover | 2012

In Country, Jasper Conran uses his own experiences and the landscapes and homes that are familiar to him to portray a seductive... Meer

Engels | Hardcover | 1996

Founded in 1824, the National Gallery houses a rich and comprehensive range of European painting from the Middle Ages to the... Meer

Treasures of Imperial Japan

Engels | Hardcover | 2006

This volume is a guide to the last 400 years of Japan's greatest and most distinctive artistic tradition. It explains the... Meer

Engels | Hardcover | 2009

This volume features works from the Anna Gamazo de AbellU collection of Latin-American and Spanish photography. Focusing on an... Meer

Bernard Plossu in Mexico - 1965-1966, 1970, 1974, 1981

Engels | Hardcover | 2014

For more than fifteen years, French photographer Bernard Plossu took extended trips to Mexico to photograph people, landscapes,... Meer

Engels | Hardcover | 2013

Jeff Brouws and Wendy Burton have been collecting vernacular railroad photographs for many years, poring through disorganized... Meer

How to Get Started and be Successful as a Boudoir, Glamour, and Swimsuit Photographer

Engels | Other binding | 2010

Book & DVD. In this book Jack Watson and Andy McFarland start where other glamour photo books usually end. In addition to the... Meer

New York

Engels | Hardcover | 2014

With painstaking care and the use of multiple exposures, Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao crafts each of his images with technological... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 2011

The upper reaches of the East Coast of Yorkshire are a much visited region. In particular the ancient seaport of Whitby is a... Meer

The New York Times Guide to the Glamour of Armed Conflict

Engels | Hardcover | 2015

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Zet op verlanglijstje

Engels | Hardcover | 2015

Hiroji Kubota (born in Tokyo, 1939) began his career by assisting photographers René Burri, Burt Glinn, and Elliott Erwitt... Meer

Photographic Memories

Engels | Paperback | 2001

This collection features around 100 detailed photographs of Guildford, withextended captions to pictures and full introduction. It... Meer

Photographs, 1930s-1940s

Engels | Hardcover | 2005

Ernest Knee (1907-1982) was a gifted photographer and Howard Hughes personal photographer. He was the first cameraman to record... Meer

Eye on the Landscape

Engels | Hardcover | 2011

New Zealand: Eye on the Landscape is a new book of high-quality landscape photography aimed at the top end of the New Zealand... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 2005

From its original settlement along the banks of the River Leen to its recent demolition and redevelopment, the Radford area of... Meer


Engels | Paperback | 2006

This is a replica of the original Leica English Language Catalogues as issued by E. Leitz from Wetzlar. It is applicable to all... Meer

Engels | Hardcover | 2012

Unique panoramic views in true perspective. Shot entirely with a classic panoramic camera, Mark Denton's distinctive photography... Meer

Engels | Ebook | 2008

Through his use of conventional black-and-white film and a belief that a good photograph is the result of constantly watching to... Meer


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Hand-altered Polaroid Photographs

Engels | Hardcover | 2007

The fifth in Cynthia Davis' series of visual explorations of Michigan and Great Lakes locales, Chicago offers a look at one of... Meer

Swiss Cows. Vaches Suisses

Engels | Hardcover | 2012

Cows are special animals to Andreas C. Studer. Ever since he was a boy growing up with cows in Interlaken, he has been fascinated... Meer

Engels | Hardcover | 2014

This series has done so well that we have produced a smaller, more portable size for those who wish to have a more manageable gift... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 2008

Part of New National Geographic Insight Series featuring breathtaking photographic retrospectives by individual photographers on a... Meer

The Essential Landscape

Engels | Hardcover | 2011

Among the many people who accompany Rob Brown on his frequent trips into the backcountry, the considerable weight and size of his... Meer

Ten Centuries of Book Arts in Indiana University Collections

Engels | Hardcover | 2010

Over the course of ten centuries, Islam developed a rich written heritage that is visible in paintings, calligraphies, and... Meer

V. 2

Engels | Paperback | 2002

Whether you are travelling first class or on a limited budget, this Eyewitness Top 10 guide will lead you straight to the very... Meer

Paris Les Halles Market

Engels | Hardcover | 2012

Doisneau?s photographs evoke nostalgia for the days when the now vanished Les Halles market, "the belly of Paris," sprawled across... Meer

Engels | Hardcover | 2015

A lavishly illustrated companion to Winston Graham's beloved Poldark novels, reissued as the new BBC series based on the novels is... Meer

The Grand Tour in Photo Albums

Engels | Hardcover | 2007

Snapshots, passenger lists, itineraries, and postcards from San Francisco flapper Vera Talbot's Far East adventure. Chicagoan... Meer

An Intimate Tour Inside Private Art Collections With Advice On Starting Your Own

Engels | Hardcover | 2010

From the thirties to the present Pininfarina has been an enormous influence on Italian car design. The Turin-based studio, which... Meer

Collection Highlights

Engels | Hardcover | 2002

The Phoenix Art Museum is one of the leading cultural institutions of the Southwest of the USA. This illustrated volume is an... Meer

Michael Kenna

Engels | Hardcover | 2015

A rocky coast along the sea of Japan; an immense plain of rice fields in the snow; Mount Fuji towering over misty wooded hills;... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 2006

Covers the Amazon region through the eyes of the photographers Felix Richter and Martin Fiegl. Meer