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Buitenlandse boeken - Jaren '80 en eerder

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Social Sciences in Management
An Environmental View

Engels | Paperback | 1972

The study of environment in the administrative management con- text is of a relatively recent vintage. It owes much to the... Meer

Media Visions
Art and Industry of Mass Communication

Engels | Hardcover | 1987

Many books covering the introduction to mass communications lean towards the descriptive and social scientific aspects of the... Meer

Pioneer Settlement in South Brazil
the Case of Toledo, Parana

Engels | Paperback | 1974

In the period since the end of world War II numerous develop- ing countries have employed colonization, or planned pioneer... Meer

Management and Economic Development
The Case of Taiwan

Engels | Paperback | 1973

The ping-pong diplomacy and its aftermath discussion, coupled with the entry of communist China into the United Nations and the... Meer

A Bibliography

Engels | Hardcover | 1989

The issues of literacy and illiteracy have made their presence felt in every country of the world. Anyone who has explored these... Meer

The Structure and Impact of Imperialism

Engels | Hardcover | 1988

The study first addresses the political issues and media theories that culminated in the demand for the NWIO, and the ongoing... Meer

Methodologies for R&D Evaluation in the Community Member States, the United States of America and Japan

Engels | Hardcover | 1984

Proceedings of the Seminar held in Brussels, Belgium, October 17-18, 1983 Meer

Methods for Evaluating the Results of European Community R&D Programmes

Engels | Hardcover | 1982

Proceedings of the Conference held in Brussels, Belgium, Januari 25-26, 1982 Meer

The Origins of the International Working Men's Association, 1913 - 1923

Engels | Hardcover | 1989

Thorpe has written a very fine book which should be on the shelf of every student of labour and socialist history.Canadian Journal of History Meer