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Chinese Brush Painting

A Complete Painting Kit for Beginners
Auteur:  | 
Bindwijze: Paperback


Auteur: Rebecca Yue & Helen Tse

Co-auteur: Helen Tse

  • Engels
  • 40 pagina's
  • Walter Foster Publishing
  • maart 2012
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Full of gorgeous brushwork, easy-to-follow instruction, and exciting art materials, this complete kit is the perfect introduction to the ancient art of Chinese brush painting. The 32-page guide features lessons from artists Rebecca Yue and Helen Tse, who guide readers through a range of step-by-step projects--from traditional flower paintings to animals and a landscape. Aspiring artists will find everything they need to jumpstart their journey, including paints, paper, and traditional Chinese brush painting materials.

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Auteur Rebecca Yue, Helen Tse
Co-auteur Helen Tse
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 36x244x206 mm
Gewicht 612,00 gram
ISBN10 1600582680
ISBN13 9781600582684

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