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Daddy, Come Home

Rediscover the Importance of Fatherhood
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Daddy, Come Home
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Bindwijze: Ebook


Auteur: Zane Meas

Uitgever: Struik Christian Media

  • Engels
  • 209 pagina's
  • Struik Christian Media
  • 1
  • december 2010
  • Adobe pdf met kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)
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'God is calling the fathers of this country to come home to take their rightful place that God has prepared for them.' - Zane Meas. Men, and fathers in particular, play a very important role in the lives of their children, wives, families, churches, communities and the nation at large. Unfortunately, in the society of today, many children grow up without father figures. Zane Meas has witnessed first hand what effects this fatherlessness creates. It leads to children feeling lost and out of place, without identity and a sense of belonging. Daddy, Come Home is a plea to all fathers to take back their place in their families. It is Zane Meas' passion to talk and write about fatherhood. In this book he highlights the importance of fatherhood and offers practical advice to fathers to come home again. He discusses how the church and society at large should support fathers who are willing to take that important step to restore their homes and their relationship with their children. This book is written for all fathers - and also future fathers - to help them understand how important it is that they take their fatherly responsibilities seriously - in the home among their children, in the church and in the community. It is also for the women sharing their lives with these men, to help them understand their husbands better - his make-up, his purpose, his destiny and why you are called to walk beside him. Zane Meas believes God is yearning for fathers to take their rightful place in our society today. Read Daddy, Come Home and become part of the solution.

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Auteur Zane Meas
Taal Engels
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ISBN10 1415310718
ISBN13 9781415310717

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