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Defining Markets, Defining Moments

Five Proven Strategies for Tapping the Minds and Pocketbooks of Seven Generations
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  • Engels
  • Hungry Minds
  • januari 2002
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The World War II generation. Baby Boomers. Generation X. And now, the up-and-coming N-Gen. Each group has its own mindset, tastes, and array of hot buttons shaped by generational "defining moments" such as Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy assassination, and the events of September 11, 2001. How can you ensure that your company's products and brands attract new customers across generations? This unique book provides the answers. Based on their pioneering research on generational cohorts, Charles Schewe, PhD, and Geoffrey E. Meredith explain the importance of targeting your marketing efforts to each of the seven distinct generational groups in the marketplace so that your company snags the largest share of the market. You'll learn how to:
Understand the attitudes and desires of the population's seven distinct age groups
Identify key physical, socioeconomic, and emotional factors for each generation
Tailor your marketing campaigns to the minds-and pocketbooks-of each generation
Take advantage of generational marketing opportunities outside North America
Plan for Baby Boomers' transition to retirement-and the ascendancy of Generation X
Using fascinating case histories from their work with Fortune 500 clients, Meredith and Schewe show you how to predict each generational cohort's desires, preferences, and buying behaviors successfully. They describe the changes you need to make in your marketing strategies. And they explain in detail how targeting your marketing efforts to each cohort will ensure your company's success in the marketplace.

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Auteur Charles Schewe, Geoffrey E. Meredith
Taal Engels
ISBN10 0764553941
ISBN13 9780764553943

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