Elsie's Motherhood

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Auteur: Martha Finley

  • Engels
  • 268 pagina's
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  • large type edition
  • oktober 2007
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Mamma! Papa too! It was a glad shout of a chorus of young voices as four pairs of little feet came pattering up the avenue and into the veranda; then as many ruby lips were held up for the morning kiss from the children's dearly loved father. They had already had their half hour with mamma, which made so sweet a beginning of each day, yet she too must have a liberal share of the eagerly bestowed caresses; while Bruno, a great Newfoundland, the pet, playfellow, and guardian of the little flock, testified his delight in the scene by leaping about among them, fawning upon one and another, wagging his tail, and uttering again and again a short, joyous bark.



Auteur Martha Finley
Redactie 1stworld Library
Taal Engels
Oorspronkelijke titel Elsie's Motherhood
Gewicht 485,00 gram
ISBN10 1426481020
ISBN13 9781426481024

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Categorieën Kind en jeugd > Meer kind en jeugd > Meer
Trefwoord(en) Christian , Juvenile Fiction , Religious

Review Elsie's Motherhood

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Review Elsie's Motherhood

De reviews worden geladen.

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