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Handcrafted Journals, Albums, Scrapbooks & More

Auteur:  | 
Bindwijze: Hardcover


Auteur: Marie Browning

  • Engels
  • 128 pagina's
  • Sterling Publishing
  • december 1999
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Take your pick from a wealth of book ideas so charmingly original that they will become a treasured place to store your memories. Personalise your books with ideas for a Chinese folded scroll, a botanical journal, baby book and business travel book. Make an elegant faux-leather photograph book or construct tiny notebooks made from sticky note pads. A unique idea is the "wandering book" - the pages unfold to create a three-dimensional display of what you've written or drawn inside. Soon you will have many unique items for yourself as well as truly personal gifts.

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Auteur Marie Browning
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 19x213x275 mm
Gewicht 1,00 gram
ISBN10 0806939354
ISBN13 9780806939353

Review Handcrafted Journals, Albums, Scrapbooks

De reviews worden geladen.

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