Mindfulness to Go

How to Meditate While You're On the Move
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Auteur: David Harp

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  • New Harbinger Publications
  • juli 2011
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Stay Calm and Focused, No Matter What Most people don’t start mindfulness meditation to become saints or gurus. They’re just tired of feeling stressed and are looking for effective ways to get a grip on their emotions and, quite simply, to calm down. If you’re among them, feel free to leave your incense and meditation pillow at home—Mindfulness to Go is your pocket guide to reaping the benefits of meditation just about anywhere you might find yourself throughout your busy day.This on-the-go guide to mindfulness helps you get better at turning your focus away from the frustrations of daily life and toward the thoughts and feelings that can do you the most good. Starting with the most basic exercises, you’ll work your way up to creating a personal mindfulness strategy that will help you remain cool, calm, and collected in every situation, no matter what life throws your way.



Auteur David Harp
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 14x181x129 mm
Gewicht 200,00 gram
ISBN10 1572249897
ISBN13 9781572249899

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Review Mindfulness to Go

De reviews worden geladen.

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