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MORE Digital Food Photography

1st Edition
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Bindwijze: Paperback


Auteur: Lou Manna & Manna

Co-auteur: Bill Brady

  • Engels
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  • Cengage Learning, Inc
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  • mei 2012
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The balance of light, composition, and subject is essential to any great photograph. But a food image must possess something extra: it should evoke an emotional response and urge the viewer toward a specific call to action. Great food photography possesses what author Bill Brady calls the "yum factor" and delivers just such a reaction. Even though viewers can't taste, smell, or feel the food in the photograph, the visual impact is so overpowering it can stand on its own -- it compensates for the absence of other sensory input and entices the viewer to buy into the fantasy.

Whether you're interested in learning to shoot food for fun, to brighten up your food blog, or with the hope of pursuing commercial assignments, if you’re serious about shooting great-looking photographs of food, MORE DIGITAL FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY is for you. Written by a pro with many years of experience in the field, this book is filled with exercises and tutorials -- and great photos, of course! -- and covers everything from composition and lighting to food styling, tools of the trade, drink photography tricks, and much more. It also includes insider info on the business side of food photography. Let Bill Brady teach you the art of creating powerful food images with strong emotional impact in MORE DIGITAL FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY.

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Auteur Lou Manna, Manna
Co-auteur Bill Brady
Soort Met illustraties
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 186x15x232 mm
Gewicht 684,00 gram
ISBN10 1435454189
ISBN13 9781435454187

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