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Only The Best Of

Artiest(en): Lou Monte  | 
Drager: Cd

Artiest(en): Lou Monte

  • Engels
  • Cd (album)
  • 3 disks
  • Best-of album
  • 30 juni 1990
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Tracklist - DISC 1:
1. Sheik of Araby, The (Italian Style)
2. Jealous of You (Tango Della Gelosia)
3. Bony Lena
4. Calypso Italiano
5. If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake (Italian Style)
6. Ha! Ha! Ha! [Che Lla La!]
7. Eh Marie! Eh Marie!
8. Wife [La Mogliera], The
9. Musica Bella [the Beautiful Music of Love]
10. Angelique-O
11. Round and Round My Heart
12. Italian Jingle Bells
13. Lazy Mary [Luna Mezza Mare]
14. Don't Say Forever [O Sole Mio]
15. Just Say I Love Her
16. When I Hold You In My Arms
17. I Have But One Heart
18. Darktown Strutters Ball (Italian Style)
19. Mama [Mamma]
20. Tango of Roses [Tango Del Rosa]
21. Now is the Time [Torna a Surriento]
22. Roman Guitar [Chitarra Romana]
23. Non Dimenticar [Don't Forget]
24. Italian Huckle-Buck (the Huckle Buck)
25. Hey Gumbaree (Bibadee Bobadee Bu)
26. Pizza Boy U.S.a.
27. Italian Cowboy Song, The
28. Skinny Lena
Tracklist - DISC 2:
1. Mixed Up Bull From Palermo, The
2. Think It Over (Pienzeca Buono)
3. My Paisan's Across the Way
4. Hootennany Italian Style
5. I Know How You Feel
6. Skinny Lena
7. Hello, Dolly (Italian Style)
8. You're So Bella, Isabella
9. Jungle Louie (the Italian Tarzan)
10. Too Fat Polka (Italian Style)
11. Who Stole My Provolone
12. Down Little Doggie
Tracklist - DISC 3:
1. Lazy Mary [Luna Mezzo Mare]
2. Roman Guitars [Chitarra Romana]
3. Pepino, the Italian Mouse
4. Mama
5. Darktown Strutters Ball
6. Please Mr. Columbus (Turn the Ship Around)
7. Sheik of Araby, The (Sheik of Napoli)
8. When I Hold You In My Arms [Comm'e Belle a Stagione]
9. Eh Marie, Eh Marie
10. Pepino's Friend Pasqual (the Italian Pussycat)
11. Mala Femmena
12. What Did Washington Say (When He Crossed the Delaware)



Uitgever Collectables
Artiest(en) Lou Monte
Uitvoering Cd (album), 3 disks
Taal Engels
Releasedatum 30 juni 1990
EAN 0090431119020

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Categorieën Rock & Alternative > Rock 'n Roll

Review Only The Best Of

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