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Revolting Rhymes And Dirty Beasts

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Revolting Rhymes And Dirty Beasts
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Bindwijze: Audio Book


Auteur: Roald Dahl

Uitgever: Penguin Books Ltd

  • Engels
  • 1 pagina's
  • Penguin Books Ltd
  • Unabridged
  • september 2008
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In Dirty Beasts, meet a ghastly menagerie of wonderfully comic animals that can only have been invented by Roald Dahl. There is the toad that jumps to France - at his own peril; the pig who ponders the meaning of life; the ant-eater who gets the wrong end of the stick and lots more. Snigger, titter and laugh at their antics in this collection of irreverent and absurdly comic verse! In Revolting Rhymes, think again if you thought you knew the stories of some of the most popular fairy tales. Here are six of the best known retold, with more than a twist or two, by the master of the comic and the blood-curdling.

Review Revolting Rhymes And Dirty Beasts

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Auteur Roald Dahl
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 9x143x129 mm
Gewicht 94,00 gram
ISBN10 0141807814
ISBN13 9780141807812

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Review Revolting Rhymes And Dirty Beasts

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