An Autobiography
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Auteur: Yehuda Berg

  • Engels
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  • Research Centre of Kabbalah
  • oktober 2010
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They say that the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing us that he doesn't exist. In this book, Yehuda Berg uses the device of an as told to autobiography to explain the concept of The Adversary, which plays a major role in Kabbalistic wisdom. Readers learn that Satan exists within everyone, manifesting as a recurrent little voice of uncertainty and negativity, and that that is how havoc is wreaked throughout the world. By doing the spiritual work that Kabbalah teaches, readers banish doubt and evil influences from their lives and eliminate chaos from the world. Although author Berg takes creative license with the narrative, he presents a truthful representation of Kabbalah's view on the force of evil in the physical universe.



Auteur Yehuda Berg
Overige betrokkenen Yehuda Berg
Taal Engels
Gewicht 334,00 gram
ISBN10 1571896627
ISBN13 9781571896629

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Review Satan

De reviews worden geladen.


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