So, Here I Stand

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Auteur: Jane E Hill

  • Engels
  • 152 pagina's
  • Authorhouse
  • januari 2010
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So, Here I Stand.... Is a tale centred in modern day America. A story of intrigue, deception, love and eventually revenge. With a main British character named 'Lila Arvoe' and a number of other American characters who revolve around her life throughout the diegesis. When introduced to 'Max' her best friend's swain, she lives to regret the debut. Becoming involved in a local bank robbery through a sequence of uncontrollable events only to discover the bank has previously been robbed! So, Here I Stand.... Is innovative with a difference! With the choice of an ALTERNATIVE ENDING, the reader ultimately choosing the grand finale!



Auteur Jane E Hill
Taal Engels
Gewicht 231,00 gram
ISBN10 1449037178
ISBN13 9781449037178

Review So, Here I Stand

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Review So, Here I Stand

De reviews worden geladen.


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