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Ten Medieval Studies

with Four Appendices
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Bindwijze: Paperback


Auteur: G.G. Coulton & G. G. Coulton

  • Engels
  • 318 pagina's
  • Cambridge Library Collection
  • juli 2010
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This 1930 edition includes essays from both the first and second series of Coulton's Medieval Studies, together with appendices. Although an academic who stressed the importance of using primary sources, Coulton was skilled at making medieval history accessible to a wider audience. He played an important role in encouraging interest in the study of social and economic history of the Middle Ages among younger scholars. These ten essays, all on aspects of religion, were somewhat controversial in their day. Coulton believed that sectarian bias frequently caused a distorted view of history, and he was highly critical of Roman Catholic interpretations of the medieval church. In the appendices he gives a detailed critique of Cardinal Francis Gasquet's historical writings, listing what Coulton regards as errors or deliberate falsifications. Even where Coulton himself appears guilty of bias, his wide knowledge of sources makes his writings still valuable to modern readers.

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Auteur G.G. Coulton, G. G. Coulton
Taal Engels
Gewicht 410,00 gram
ISBN10 1108010652
ISBN13 9781108010658

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