The Future

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Auteur: Al Gore

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  • Random House Inc.
  • januari 2013
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In The Future, former US Vice President Al Gore, explores the political, social and economic forces that are shaping what America and the world will become in ensuing decades. From demographics to democracy, Gore explores what he calls the 'Drivers of Global Change', framing the international conversation about the future in fresh and provocative ways.

With this new work, Gore hopes to help start a conversation about the large-scale drivers of change that are defining and shaping our future - from the rapid development and integration of radically new technologies to the planet-changing impact of the climate crisis, to poverty, globalization, and the democratisation of knowledge accompanying the emergence of a ubiquitous internet linking ever more intelligent devices.



Auteur Al Gore
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 34x233x154 mm
Gewicht 819,00 gram
ISBN10 0553841076
ISBN13 9780553841077

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Review The Future

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