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The Idea of the English Landscape Painter

Genius as Alibi in the Early Nineteenth Century
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Bindwijze: Hardcover


Auteur: Kay Dian Kriz

  • Engels
  • 192 pagina's
  • Yale University Press
  • maart 1997
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English landscape painting changed dramatically during the time of Turner and Girtin - the new style of painting was seen as more natural and expressive of the imagination and character of the artist himself. The new artistic geniuses were hailed by critics as shining stars of a truly English school of landscape painting. In this book, Dian Kriz critically examines the emergence of the Romantic concept of the landscape genius, arguing that it was a category produced by critics, painters, and the public in opposition to other ways of thinking about the artist in the period around 1800. She places the artistic genius of the (male) landscape painter in relation to the (female) amateur, the connoisseur, the decadent Frenchman, and the entrepreneur.

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Auteur Kay Dian Kriz
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 19x260x200 mm
Gewicht 840,00 gram
ISBN10 0300068336
ISBN13 9780300068337

Review The Idea of the English Landscape

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