The Protector

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Bindwijze: Paperback
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Auteur: Dee Henderson

  • Engels
  • Multnomah Publishers
  • oktober 2001
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Jack O'Malley is a fireman who is fearless when it comes to facing an inferno. But when an arsonist begins targeting his district, his shift, his friends, Jack faces the ultimate challenge: protecting the lady who saw the arsonist before she pays an even higher price.

Introducing the O'Malleys, an inspirational group of seven, all abandoned or orphaned as teens, who have made the choice to become a loyal and committed family. They have chosen their own surname, O'Malley, and have stood by each other through moments of joy and heartache. Their stories are told in CBA best-selling, inspirational romantic suspense novels that rock your heart and restore strength and hope to your spirit.



Auteur Dee Henderson
Taal Engels
Oorspronkelijke titel The Protector
Gewicht 73,00 gram
ISBN10 1576738469
ISBN13 9781576738467

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Review The Protector

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The Protector
Engels | Ebook
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The Protector
Engels | Paperback
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The Protector
Engels | Ebook
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The Protector
Engels | Ebook
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The Protector
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€ 30,99
The Protector
Engels | Audio Book
€ 73,99
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