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The Unofficial Honolulu Police Department Training Academy Guide

Tips And Advice On How To Succeed
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Bindwijze: Paperback


Auteur: Victor J. Kim

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  • december 2005
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It felt unfair that some recruits had more information than others. Some even had past exams that previous recruit classes had gotten by working together and writing down the test questions after they had taken an exam. So to make things fair for everyone, I've decided to write this book to help give every recruit an equal opportunity and a fair chance to graduate from the police academy. Former Honolulu police officer Victor J. Kim offers his experience in training at the Honolulu Police Academy to help you get a head start in this difficult career. Filled with interesting and sometimes comedic insights on the police profession, Kim discusses typical working hours, a police recruit's monthly salary, firearms training, and simulated crime investigations. Kim also helps you prepare for this new and challenging period of your life by describing the typical life of a recruit. The Unofficial Honolulu Police Department Training Academy Guide also features: * Past exam questions * Training academy experiences * DUI procedures and reports * Current information on the Honolulu Police Department Why go in blind?;Get the information you need to pass the Honolulu Police Department Training Academy examination!

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Auteur Victor J. Kim
Taal Engels
Oorspronkelijke titel The Unofficial Honolulu Police Department Training Academy Guide: Tips and Advice on How to Succeed
Gewicht 205,00 gram
ISBN10 0595375006
ISBN13 9780595375004

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