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Threat Vector

Jack Ryan Jr. #4
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Bindwijze: Hardcover
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Auteur: Tom Clancy

  • Engels
  • 720 pagina's
  • Penguin Books Ltd
  • december 2012
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The spies are being spied on in Tom Clancy's Threat Vector, the gripping new addition to the Jack Ryan Jr series.

When Jack Ryan Jr, on a highly secret, off-the-books Campus mission in Turkey, discovers that his team's every move is monitored, he knows that US intelligence has been fatally compromised.

Back in the States, President Ryan watches in horror as China's weakened leader bends to a war-mongering general intent on turning the East into a bloodbath. At the same time, America comes under cyber attack from China, crippling government and military infrastructure. President Ryan needs to act: a covert team must go in and neutralise these threats, and the Campus is the perfect fit.

Except a sinister figure known only as the Center is watching the Campus and Jack Ryan Jr's every move. Any misstep will be their last . . .

Jack Ryan is back and he's got everything to play for in Tom Clancy's masterful Threat Vector. The Jack Ryan Jr series also includes The Teeth of the Tiger, Dead or Alive and Locked On.

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Auteur Tom Clancy
Overige betrokkenen Lou Diamond Phillips, Mark Greaney
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 46x240x162 mm
Gewicht 912,00 gram
ISBN10 0718176944
ISBN13 9780718176945
Product breedte 111 mm
Product hoogte 45 mm
Product lengte 181 mm

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Categorieën Thrillers en fantasy > Spanning
  Thrillers en fantasy > Thrillers
Trefwoord(en) Action & Adventure , Fiction , Technological

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Threat Vector
Engels | Binding Unknown
Threat Vector
Engels | Paperback
Threat Vector
Engels | Audio Book
Threat Vector
Engels | Paperback
Threat Vector
Engels | Paperback
Threat Vector
Engels | Hardcover
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