Times Square Style

Graphics from the Golden Age of Broadway
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Bindwijze: Paperback


Auteur: Steve Heller & Vicki Gold Levi

Co-auteur: Steven Heller & Steven Heller

  • Engels
  • 168 pagina's
  • Princeton Architectural Press
  • New title
  • januari 2004
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Before there was Vegas, and long before there was "reality television," there was Times Square. For a century, it has stood as the blazing Crossroads of the World; the sometimes magical, sometimes tawdry, but always spectacular epicenter of American commer



Auteur Steve Heller, Vicki Gold Levi
Co-auteur Steven Heller, Steven Heller
Taal Engels
Gewicht 503,00 gram
ISBN10 1568984901
ISBN13 9781568984902

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Categorieën Kunst en cultuur > Kunst > Grafische vormgeving
Trefwoord(en) Art , General , Graphic Arts , Graphic design

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Review Times Square Style

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