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Who Cares for America's Children?

Child Care Policy for the 1990s
Who Cares for America's Children?
Bindwijze: Hardcover


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  • National Academies Press
  • januari 1990
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Few issues have aroused more heated public debate than that of day care for children of working parents. Who should be responsible for providing child care--government, employers, schools, communities? What types of care are best? This volume explores the critical need for a more coherent policy on child care and offers recommendations for the actions needed to develop such a policy. Who Cares for America's Children? looks at the barriers to developing a national child care policy, evaluates the factors in child care that are most important to children's development, and examines ways of protecting children's physical well-being and fostering their development in child care settings. It also describes the patchwork quilt of child care services currently in use in America and the diversity of support programs available, such as referral services. Child care providers (whether government, employers, commercial for-profit, or not-for-profit), child care specialists, policymakers, researchers, and concerned parents will find this comprehensive volume an invaluable resource on child care in America.

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Review Who Cares for America's Children?

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