Ojaadili and the War of The Three Kings

Ojaadili and the War of The Three Kings
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781500283834
  • juni 2014
  • 648 pagina's
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HUMANKIND BESIEGED, FROM AMIDST AND FROM BENEATH! For young Ojaadili Udeoba, son of thunder, foretold years before birth to save his people from oppression from mightier kingdoms, daily life is, for a while now, very laid-back... ...Well, till those sinister attacks by Otagbu, the monstrous crocodile, in the eerie Agulu Lake of the peaceful kingdom of Nri, lead him on a string of new adventures. Answering distress calls from the mighty Eze Nri Omalo-Onyeso, spiritual ruler of the lands, the afore-reluctant hero must vanquish the reptilean threat in a frenzied race against time, to save humans from the jaws of insidious evil lurking in the horizon. But fresh new dangers rear up even after Ojaadili kills off the sacred crocodile and soon after, as ordered by the gods, takes off Otiaba Nwa-Izuga, a marauding brute. Soon again searing drought and famine ravage the lands, drying riverbeds and wilting crops, parching breathes and spreading desperation about, such that even animals misbehaved. Now the adventure gathers pace when a group of feisty apes attack some folk at a stream, seriously maiming Udumeje, Ojaadili’s flutist and loyal friend. This sad event prompts our fearless hero into the quest for the root of the trouble and to restore the battered life of Udumeje. Three aged warrior-wizards, who battled deadly demon royals generations earlier in the eternal War of the Kingdoms, reveal to Ojaadili that their enemies, led by Duom, the demon king of darkness, and his lascivous queen, that shape-shifting and unforgiving Agali, have enlisted the help of the apes against humans. And that the fiendish Ajo-Atani, a galago and a sorcerer of mean repute, searching earnestly for the Elements of Power held by humans, is leading the attack for Duom, eternal enemy of Eri, father of Ojaadili’s people and a being as old as time.As the Creator gave each of the three kingdoms certain peculiar and vital object or more to undermine the excesses of the others, each kingdom guards her own Elements jealously. Should all those decisive Elements, by some misadventure, fall into the hands of a single ruler, then the potentate would easily rule this world of humans, the kingdom of animals and the realm of the spirits all at once. And this has been the singular desire of the evil Duom since creation.So follow valiant Ojaadili, untiring demon slayer and Africa’s quintessential superhero, in this dazzling surreal epic seething with raw intrigue and boundless magic as he is armed by the good Eze Nri, his wizards and loved by the sultry Adiba, most sensual of goddesses. With a final war looming with humankind’s insidious foes, Ojaadili, with his unfailing magic sword, and led by the resonating words of Adiba and the incensing melodies of the grotesque but fecund spirit being guide Ogwumagana, battles marauders and demons, an ape king, his beast-warriors and his loathsome sorcerer, and begins his Destiny’s Journey to the lair of the vengeful Agali and her fearsome Dark Lord of the Underword. There the undaunted slayer seeks to retrieve that final Element of Power in humankind’s ultimate quest to forever vanquish evil.



juni 2014
Aantal pagina's
648 pagina's



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