Urbo Anjer Ergonomic Standing Desk with Memory Feature for Height Adjustable Workstations to Support Laptops and Monitors in Offices and Other Workspaces (31.1 x 21.3 inches or 79 x 54 cm)


Urbo Anjer Ergonomic Standing Desk with Memory Feature for Height Adjustable Workstations to Support Laptops and Monitors in Offices and Other Workspaces  (31.1 x 21.3 inches or 79 x 54 cm)

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Reduce fatigue and stay productive

Trending research
You already know about all the research there is on the benefits of standing desks. It is indeed well-established that being sedentary is bad and can have undesirable consequences such as:
• Diabetes
• Certain types of cancer
• Depression
• Obesity
• Reduced metabolism
• Muscle degeneration and so on.

There are many things that you could do to enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle and one of them is investing in an adjustable table such as the Urbo® Anjer.

Activity helps
Moving , even when you have to spend many hours at your desk, helps in more ways than one. A low-level activity such as alternating between sitting and standing can:
✔ Prevent Postural Kyphosis also known as turtle-necking
✔ Alleviate energy levels and your mood
✔ Improve your productivity and
✔ Bring about a bunch of physical benefits such as lowering blood pressure, burning more calories and better spine health too.

Anjer is good for:
✔ Team leaders and managers
✔ Social media influencers
✔ Coders & developers
✔ Cyber denizens and creatives such as vloggers, bloggers and YouTubers

And pretty much everybody who wants to do more by way of work-health balance.

Urbo Model: UR-ST5X1
Width: 31.1 inches (79 cm)
Depth: 21.3 inches (54 cm)
Height: Min 1.4 inches (3.7 cm), Max 16 inches (40.6 cm)
Supports Weight: 17.6 lb (8 kg)
✔SPACIOUS: The Urbo® Anjer sit stand desk is spacious. Its base is 25 inches x 18.9 inches (63.5 x 48 cm) and its work surface is 31.1 x 21.3 inches (79 x 54 cm). There is enough space on the work surface for an optimum combination of a monitor, laptop, keyboard, mouse and a notepad too. Needs no installation - take it out of the box, place it on your existing tabe and you have an instant ergonomic desk.
✔FLAT WHEN FOLDED: When folded completely flat, the Anjer is high enough to use without straining your wrists. So you can place your keyboard on top of its surface and continue to type as normal because it is less than 1.5 inches (3.7 cm) tall. Slim, profile enables comfortable typing even when flat.
✔HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE DESK: A stand up desk (in more ways than one) is better than a regular fixed desk. An adjustable height table gives you the option of moving between sitting and standing so you can stay a tad more active while working long hours. Anjer moves from a minimum of 1.4 inches to a maximum of 16 inches (40.6 cm) above your desk.
✔HEALTH BENEFITS: Anjer gives you the option of moving while you are working. Balancing time between sitting and standing is one of the easiest ways in which you can burn more calories, prevent back pain, straighten your spine and posture and also stay productive at your workstation desk.
✔NO ELECTRICITY NEEDED: Anjer does not tie you down to power sockets. It is operated easily and smoothly with a height adjustment switch. It also has a UNIQUE MEMORY lock feature which means that you have to set your preferred desk height just once. After this one-time setting, Anjer will simply glide to your preferred height when you want to stand up and work.


Materiaal & afmetingen

Max. hoogte
40.60 cm
Minimale hoogte
3.70 cm



Technische specificaties

Product gewicht
7.60 kg
Uitzonderingen fabrieksgarantie
Niet van toepassing

Overige kenmerken

Product breedte
54 cm
Product diepte
54 cm
Product hoogte
40.60 cm
Verpakking breedte
60.69 cm
Verpakking hoogte
7.49 cm
Verpakking lengte
88.90 cm
8.90 kg


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