Wake Up With the Controlled Exit Strategy! EBOOK How to Leave Your Rat Race and Live in Peace and Harmony!

Wake Up With the Controlled Exit Strategy!
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  • januari 2020
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Wake Up With the Controlled Exit Strategy is a self-help guide and workbook for people overwhelmed with the stresses of the corporate world. It equates the "rat race" to deep sleep and waking up to freedom. It provides insights into the process of waking up from the expert angle of someone who's done it. The book also provides a clear process to either carry out a similar exit (using the workbooks to guide the process) or through conscious living coaching.

The text follows a clear path from understanding to action and results. It uses a mixture of first-person accounts to engender closeness with the readers, and second-person narrative, which puts readers squarely in the story of actively managing their own destiny.

Chapter 1, Stress – The Silent Killer, illustrates why stress is the silent killer and how often the effects are ignored. It links the fear factors and habits that are external and internal to one's self and which contribute to stress. Chapter 1 also comes with a workbook that allows reads to evaluate where they currently are in life and where they would like to be. It then shows them how to weigh their options.

Chapter 2, The Controlled Exit Strategy (CES), focuses on explaining the concept of a controlled exit from the system. Following the assessment of where one is from Workbook 1, if the idea is to change your life, you'll need a strategy to make that happen. The CES is that strategy, and this chapter illustrates why and how it works.

Chapter 3, Becoming Your True Self Again, is an exploration of the step-by-step process of becoming one's true self. It also examines the role that the Body-Mind-Spirit Paradigm plays in the process. A workbook on how to relate to self and what not to do in the process accompanies Chapter 3.

Chapter 4B, The Matrix/System, is the first of 2-part explanation of the Matrix/System and the antidote – conscious living coaching. It outlines what is defined as the matrix, why it's hard to leave, and why you have a choice if you want to become your true self.

Chapter 4B, Conscious Living Coaching, is the final chapter and an introduction to the concept of conscious living coaching. This section outlines the difference between the dream and awakened states. It then illustrates how the controlled exit strategy and conscious living coaching can help transition from one to the next.

Author Bio

A Multicultural International Counselor and a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Robbert-Jan Nuis has coached top executives from fortune 500-companies across the world. He has also worked with expats and (digital) nomads to overcome their personal challenges to become their true selves and enjoy life.

Robbert-Jan has built a life of serving others and helping them to meet their potential. He is the author of How I Became Me Again, which he has converted into a training program that helps people confront their obstacles to achieving a fuller and more harmonious life. Learn more about Robbert-Jan Nuis at https://conscious-living-coaching.com.

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januari 2020
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Adobe ePub


Robbert Jan Nuis
Robbert Jan Nuis

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