What's My Child Thinking? Practical Child Psychology for Modern Parents

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  • 07 februari 2019
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Tanith Carey

Author: Tanith Carey is an experienced UK journalist and author who writes on the most pressing challenges facing today's parents. Her eight previous books have been translated into 15 languages. Having spent time working in the US as an editor and writer before returning to the UK, Tanith has insight on both sides of the Atlantic and her writing has been featured in a wide range of publications, including the Telegraph, the Times, Daily Mirror, and New York Daily News. Tanith also regularly appears on TV and radio programs, such as The TODAY Show.

US consultant: Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, is an author, psychologist, and mother of four based in Princeton, New Jersey, whose work focuses on parenting and children's feelings and friendships. She is a professor for the online teaching site The Great Courses, serves on the advisory board for Parents magazine, and blogs for Psychology Today, PBS Parents, and US News & World Report. Dr. Kennedy-Moore has been a featured guest on The TODAY Show and other US television and radio shows and is frequently quoted in major magazines and newspapers. She is the creator of DrFriendtastic.com, and her newest book is Growing Friendships: A Kid's Guide to Making and Keeping Friends.


Make every moment with your child count. Tap into the psychology behind your child's behaviour and respond with confidence. Find out what your child really means when he or she says Look what I've done! , But, I'm not tired , or You're embarrassing me - and discover what's really going on when they can't express themselves at all. Taking more than 100 everyday situations, the book leads you through scenarios step-by-step, explaining not only your child's behaviour and the psychology behind it but also your own feelings as a parent. It then gives instant recommendations for what you could say and do to best resolve the situation. Covering all your child's developmental milestones from ages 2 to 7 years, What's My Child Thinking? covers important issues - such as temper tantrums, sibling rivalry, and peer pressure. What's more, there is a bank of practical survival guides for critical times, such as travelling in the car and going online safely. Rooted in evidence-based clinical psychology and championing positive parenting, What's My Child Thinking? will help you tune into your child's innermost thoughts and be the parent you want to be.



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07 februari 2019
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Tanith Carey
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Dr Angharard Rudkin
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Dr Angharad Rudkin

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