A Whole New World Evolution & the Legacy of Ash Series?book 1

Auteur: Dawn M Hyde
Taal: Engels
A Whole New World
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781545313701
  • april 2017
  • 344 pagina's
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With training now complete and everyone back home…Erik and I are finally catching up with our new relationship status, beyond just roomies as before. Oh, there’s some laundry in there too. We have avoided potential war, chased dragon tails, got smack with red herrings, and finally passed all that…we managed to solve the case. Or did we? It wasn’t long before Erik interrupted ‘happy Ashleigh fun-time’ by answering the stupid phone. With the raise of a brow, we were now on to the next case. “Well we did have to shower first. Tee! Hee!”“Erik…right in the middle of something here. Outta my head please.”Ok…so some children were kidnapped during a home invasion at the property of a coven not far from us. Cool…our first official mission as full Agents. Not cool…dad’s hotel reservation in the rotten part of town near one of the many tourist hotspots in Belize. So…I pulled an ‘Ash’ and fixed it. Turning this into a work/vacation of our dreams. Talia and I managed to bring our mothers, Erik’s parents, and heck we even got the Commander to stop by and set for a spell.Our little reunion was nearly cut short by strange occurrences, mainly involving me. I had been deeply affected by dark magic someone was trying to use on me to interfere with this case. However, we couldn’t figure out “who” or ‘why’. So instead of enjoying the sun and the sand…everyone got involved in the work. (Except the ‘mom squad’…they were still on vacation…and have the shopping bags to prove it.) The strangest connection was how deeply tied to our training case this really was. Someone dropped the ball on the first case…so I still apparently was needed dead…and there had been a plan in place all along to do just that. Although, that crazy doc and Madame Chairman both deceases…so who was finishing this off? Or trying to finish me off anyway.After much tedious research, not nearly as bad as at training; we were back to chasing tails, finding information that in no way applied to our circumstances, there was some fun in there too, and then we solved the case. We even managed to endure the most unexpected love connection between Uncle Kenny and our former dorm czar Ms. Desmond…whom we’ve come to know and love at Katerina. Leading to a surprise ending that still chokes me up just to think off.



april 2017
Aantal pagina's
344 pagina's



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Evolution & the Legacy of Ash Series?book 1
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