Basic Manual of Pyramidology

Basic Manual of Pyramidology
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  • 9781530725342
  • maart 2016
  • Paperback
  • 74 pagina's
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There is a science that looks good, but is older than all known history. The greatest works, the oldest legacy are no houses, no tombs ... The greatest wonders that humanity has inherited, are the Pyramids. In 1927 the Frenchman Antoine Bovis discovered that the pyramids have a special power. Many scientific researchers have explored the mysterious "Pyramid Effect," also called "Pyramid Power." Some states, such as the former USSR, Germany, Holland and possibly others have investigated providing many economic means. But the author of this book is the unique individual, with its own resources has managed to uncover the most important and useful mysteries of the pyramids. State investigations are always censored, remained a mystery, because the results do not serve for war and each new discovery means headaches for archaeologists, paleontologists, anthropologists and Egyptologists. Thousands of teachers must change their chairs. These "science" should tell students that all they learned is worthless. But in Cuba, the pyramids are used since 1984 to cure countless diseases. The author made his first pyramid in 1973. Since then, its many scientific and practical discoveries are revolutionizing the story, but the best thing is working alongside the Cuban doctors. Also many doctors and therapists in the world, as well as farmers, seed producers, veterinarians and other scientists and professionals, are part of this wonderful revolution. With this manual yourself can understand how and why the pyramids work. You can make your own pyramids and learn in a few hours something important. So important that the author has spent over half a century to find out. This teaching is clearly exposed. Even a child can make pyramids and do experiments. It is not easy to make professional pyramids, but you can make pyramids for health emergencies, for survival, preserve seeds, keep food ... And to be immune to bacteria, without the possibility of falling ill with rheumatism, sclerosis and other ailments... Undoubtedly, this book is the best gateway to the world of pyramidology.



maart 2016
Aantal pagina's
74 pagina's



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