Change Everything

Creating an Economy for the Common Good

Uitgever: Zed Books Ltd
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  • 9781783604722
  • juni 2015
  • Paperback
  • 272 pagina's
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Few people would contest that modern capitalism comes with major costs: it damages the environment, harms workers, and increases inequality, to name just a few. Yet we're told time and again that those are simply inevitable side effects of the constant need for profit and growth—and that while they may be regrettable, there's no other way.

Christian Felber disagrees. In Change Everything, he lays out a wholly new vision for a humane economic model—the Economy for the Common Good, or ECG. Not just an idea, but a rapidly growing international movement, ECG is a practical, detailed blueprint for a new way of doing business, a people-centered approach that could sweep away austerity, support human (and humane) development, repair our damaged environment, and utterly reorient our relationship to work, money, and the purpose of both. Its vision is just short of breathtaking, but it remains grounded in reality, as evidenced by the fact that more than 1,700 companies around the world have already endorsed its principles.

Nothing less than a call to re-examine all that we've ever been told about how economies work, Change Everything is a ringing manifesto for a new, better age.


'Christian Felber has written that rare article: the genuine game-changer. Easy to read, irrefutable in its principles and comprehensive in its proposals, it's a how-to guide to a better world. At last, it's in English. Don't miss it.' Susan George, author of Whose Crisis? Whose Future? 'Christian Felber is one of the most brilliant economists in Europe. His vision of the common good is fascinating.' Jean Ziegler, former UN ambassador on the Right to Food 'We need an entirely new economic system if we are to avert collapse, and Christian Felber's Change Everything points the way. This path-breaking, optimistic book shows that it is possible to have an economy that serves us rather than enslaving us.' Richard Heinberg, author of The End of Growth 'A timely and important new vision for the purpose of economic activity, moving away from the private accumulation of wealth and towards the common good. A must read for business leaders, economists, activists, civil servants and politicians if we are to have any chance of creating an economy that meets the needs of people and the planet.' Duncan McCann, New Economics Foundation 'This is a joyful book of hope and possibility. Everything can be changed, including the depressive mindset that there are no alternatives.' Ed Mayo, Co-operatives UK 'Economy for the Common Good has demonstrated an ability to draw together a partnership of companies, consumers and communities ... by offering a fresh alternative.' Bruce Watson, Guardian 'Christian Felber's Economy for the Common Good is a smart, useful answer to the economic chaos and the enormous social suffering that the oligarchs of globalized financial capital have caused on the planet. A great and important book!' Jean Ziegler, former UN ambassador on the Right to Food 'Christian Felber's Economy for the Common Good offers a clear analysis that combines pragmatic designs for some of the potential institutions of the next system with a strategy for building a movement that can bring these institutions into being. His accessible articulation of a genuine alternative is an important contribution to an essential global conversation.' Gar Alperovitz, author, historian, political economist 'Christian Felber shows a pathway that leads to an economy based on love instead of profit, a society based on solidarity instead of greed, and a life based on joy instead of fear. We can all become involved.' Kosha Joubert, president of the Global Ecovillage Network 'Through the example of a large number of pioneer companies of the Economy for the Common Good, everyone can see that doing business on the basis of a transparent, holistic, value and stakeholder oriented approach is possible. These ethical goals go beyond the dogma of unlimited profit and growth and are indispensable for a humane future on this planet.' Lisa Muhr, Goddess of Fortune fashion label entrepreneur 'Get involved for concrete alternatives! Get involved in the Economy for the Common Good!' Stephane Hessel, former diplomat, essayist and political activist

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  • A Wake-Up Call
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    De kapitalistische economie loopt op haar laatste benen. Klimaat, migratie en een zekere bewustwording van de onmogelijkheid waar geluk te bereiken zonder dat te delen, maken de theorie van dit boek uiterst relevant.

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juni 2015
1e druk
Aantal pagina's
272 pagina's


Christian Felber
Zed Books Ltd



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Creating an Economy for the Common Good

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