Coastal Governance

Coastal Governance
Uitgever: Island Press
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  • Paperback
  • 9781597264853
  • Druk: 2nd None ed.
  • december 2010
  • 256 pagina's
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Coastal Governance provides a clear overview of how U.S. coasts are currently managed and explores new approaches that could make our shores healthier. Drawing on recent national assessments, Professor Richard Burroughs explains why traditional management techniques have ultimately proved inadequate, leading to polluted waters, declining fisheries, and damaged habitat. He then introduces students to governance frameworks that seek to address these shortcomings by considering natural and human systems holistically.

The book considers the ability of sector-based management, spatial management, and ecosystem-based management to solve critical environmental problems. Evaluating governance successes and failures, Burroughs covers topics including sewage disposal, dredging, wetlands, watersheds, and fisheries. He shows that at times sector-based management, which focuses on separate, individual uses of the coasts, has been implemented effectively. But he also illustrates examples of conflict, such as the incompatibility of waste disposal and fishing in the same waters. Burroughs assesses spatial and ecosystem-based management’s potential to address these conflicts.

The book familiarizes students not only with current management techniques but with the policy process. By focusing on policy development, Coastal Governance prepares readers with the knowledge to participate effectively in a governance system that is constantly evolving. This understanding will be critical as students become managers, policymakers, and citizens who shape the future of the coasts.


Thorough and perceptive...Through careful analysis and in-depth review of past and current coastal policy, Burroughs takes stock of what works and what doesn't, and points the way ahead to a more effective coastal management approach. This is an essential policy primer for anyone working on coastal issues. --Timothy Beatley Teresa Heinz Professor of Sustainable Communities, University of Virginia This engaging primer not only explains current coastal policies, it illustrates how effective policy is developed. This is just the kind of clear-eyed analysis needed to reform coastal management and bring our shores back to life. --Biliana Cicin-Sain Director, Gerard J. Mangone Center for Marine Policy, University of Delaware The policy concepts in Coastal Governance resonate strongly with the latest thinking about complexity theory as applied to the adaptive management of social-ecological systems. Burroughs succinctly and thoughtfully analyzes the ingrained habit of applying rigid, shortsighted policies to the management of the multiscale, self-organized intricacies of coastal ecosystems. --CHOICE Those of us engaged in the field of coastal and ocean management and policy are fortunate to be able to draw upon many fine books, journals and reports that both inform us and enlighten our efforts. Many of these publications are directed towards professionals, while others, serving as textbooks, focus on training students to become the next generation of ocean leaders. Seldom can a single book successfully function as both. Rarer still is the volume that transcends the usual descriptions of coastal and ocean issues by pragmatically illuminating the vital but often elusive connections between coastal science, the human dimension and policy-making, while also moving the reader from the 'old' method of sector based management strategies to a more holistic view. Dr. Rick Burroughs . . . has written such a book. --The Coastal Society Bulletin Coastal Governance provides the fundamentals needed to understand this complex process in a concise and exceptionally accessible form. Burroughs skillfully blends scientific understanding, appreciation of human dimensions, and revealing case studies, making the book an enlightening read even for professionals. He provides a lucid and up-to-date explanation of the evolution from single sector management to spatial and ecosystem approaches. --Donald F. Boesch President, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science



2nd None ed.
21,8 x 14 x 1,5 cm
Aantal pagina's
256 pagina's


Richard Burroughs
Island Press



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