Conquer Your Fear of Water An Innovative Self-Discovery Course in Swimming

Conquer Your Fear of Water
Auteur: Melon Dash
Uitgever: Authorhouse
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  • 9781420864441
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  • april 2006
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Do you wish you could swim, have fun and exercise in water wherever you go? Get to the heart of the problem.
Anyone can learn to swim once he or she overcomes fear. Overcoming fear requires understanding what being in complete control in water feels like. It requires understanding the steps of loss of control and the simple way to keep it.
It is easy. Chances are, you ve never heard of these steps. But everyone recognizes them when they see them in this book. They are universal steps. They are the universal steps of learning. You cannot fail to learn to swim using these steps. (You cannot fail to learn anything using these steps.)
What is swimming? First, it s confidence in water. If you haven t learned strokes and breathing, chances are you don t feel safe. Feeling safe knowing how to remain in control and prevent panic is your next step. Once you master your safety, you can learn any stroke you desire because you re no longer focused on survival.
Conquer Your Fear of Water advances these ideas: 1. Learning to swim requires comfort and confidence in water first. 2. Learning to swim to be reliable for your safety in water comes before learning strokes. 3. Learning to swim and learning strokes are two different processes. 4. Overcoming fear is a simple, fascinating personal process. 5. Overcoming fear and learning to swim is fun. 6. If you start at the beginning and skip no steps, you cannot fail to overcome fear and learn to swim. Every step you need is presented in the book. Formal strokes are not part of this book.
Readers wrote: "I really like that you stress having fun first and being comfortable . The book is full of fantastic advice. It s working for me. I now know I will not pass on my fear to my children. You will make a difference in millions of lives." D.K. "This book is very, very impressive and leaves no doubt in my mind why your system works. The book does a tremendous job of sharing your method. The concepts, the language, and the detailed steps are easy to understand. You anticipate and explain in great detail a lot of the things that happen in the water that scare novices. Your book answered a lot of questions I have had, and explained a lot of what I have experienced in the water." S.N.
No matter where you are with your swimming today, it s just the right place to begin. To move from here to there in water with ease and the ability to stop and rest without needing the bottom or the side of the pool, start at the beginning and skip no steps. This course has been honed since 1983 by Miracle Swimming Institute / 21st Century Swimming Lessons, Inc. in Berkeley, California and Sarasota, Florida. It is now in 19 cities around the world. It sets a new standard for all teaching.



New title
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336 pagina's


Melon Dash


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Conquer Your Fear of Water: An Innovative Self-Discovery Course in Swimming



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An Innovative Self-Discovery Course in Swimming
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