Crochet Afghans Discover How to Crochet a Perfect Afghan in Less Than a Day

Auteur: Emma Brown
Taal: Engels
Crochet Afghans
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781520694214
  • 262 pagina's
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Have you ever wanted to learn How to Crochet an Afghan?
Most crocheting books save afghans and other types of blankets for the very end, if they are discussed at all. This is because crocheting afghans is presented by most crochet books as a very difficult and arduous process that can only be accomplished after mastering many different kinds of crochet stitches.
This simply isn’t true.

Whether you are just learning how to crochet, have mastered crochet for beginners, or know every stitch in the book, Crochet Afghans can help you improve your technique and learn how to crochet an afghan in less than one day.

What does Crochet Afghans have that other books lack?
It’s an easy to follow, step by step guide, complete with pictures and diagrams. It walks you through the most basic techniques and ensures that even the most difficult and complicated of stitches are thoroughly explained.
This is why this book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to crochet afghans, whether they have no crocheting experience, or having been crocheting for decades. By the time you are done reading this book, you will have ALL of the skills and information you need to make intricate, beautiful afghans.

The book starts with the very basics of crochet, to get beginners started and to act as a quick refresher for even the most experienced individuals. It then moves on to more complex stitches, breaking them down into easy to understand steps, so even if today is the first day you have a hook in your hands, you can easily get the hang of even complicated stitches. This process would have once taken years, sitting with someone experienced in crocheting. Now, all you have to do is read Crochet Afghans and you will be able to follow even complex crochet patterns.

To speed up the process, the book also includes a full list of pattern abbreviations, to explain the crochet terminology that patterns and other crocheters use. There is also an FAQ added to answer any question you might have about crocheting afghans or different crochet stitches.

What does this book provide?
Here are only a few of Crochet Afghans’ benefits:
• Easy to understand black&white illustrations and diagrams
• Teaches how to choose yarn and how much to buy
• Beginners and Advanced crochet techniques
• Teaches how to start your afghan
• 22 gorgeous Afghan patterns from beginner to advanced level
• Teaches how to find more patterns
• Best yarn color combinations
• How to divide a crocheted afghan
• Most common crocheting mistakes and how to avoid them
• How to start and finish any kind of afghan..

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Check Out What Others Are Saying...
''This is a wonderful book for those wanting to crochet afghans but don't know where to begin. It shows in detail all the stitches needed to get started and has plenty of wonderful images throughout. Many crochet stitches often used in afghans are given step by step. They include the ripple stitch, shell stitch and more. The book is well written, is broken down into chapters and it has a working table of contents. I've been crocheting for years and even I was able to learn a new stitch I'd never understood before. Recommended.''
- kazzrak

''Good book with lots of pictures for a beginner.. might be to simple for advanced people... but there might be a pattern you have not tried or thought about.''
- Sue



Aantal pagina's
262 pagina's


Emma Brown
Independently Published



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Discover How to Crochet a Perfect Afghan in Less Than a Day
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