Decision Making How to Make the Right Decision Every Time

Decision Making
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“Those who reach decisions promptly definitely know what they want and generally get it. The leaders in every walk of life decide quickly and firmly. That is the major reason why they are leaders. The world has the habit of making room for people whose words and actions show.” Napoleon HillDecision is a single mental action that has the power to change any personal problem. The certain decisions have the potential to provide you an immense success. All the people who learned and mastered decision making are very successful in everything they do. They differ from others because they are capable of changing the circumstances around them within a very short amount of time, just because they make the right decision at the right time.Decision making is not just important in your business, but also in every other area of your life. This force affects your whole life, your relationships, family, social life and also physical and mental health. Like any other mental ability, you can also develop your ability of decision making. You have to do it by yourself, through unwavering discipline and proper understanding of the power of this force.The best way is to learn to listen to your gut feelings, your inner voice that knowing place inside you that is called your intuition. In many cases, our parents taught us to rationalize, to think and analyze all the facts then crunch the numbers and make a decision. Sometimes that works but if you talk to highly successful people, they all rely to some degree on their intuition. They seem to know when it is time to go by the book or go with the flow. Flow has more fluidity and has more flexibility to move, change and morph into the best of the best. Our natural innate energy exchanges blend with other energies to become the best idea, the best solution or the best something. When rules and limitations come into play, the flow is restricted. Limitations and excuses try to sneak their way into the decision.By allowing your intuition to blossom and interact with the flow, the flow increases and widens, providing even more opportunities. The natural rhythm and order of things becomes more synchronous and the decision seems to emerge rather than having to be wrestled with. New inspiration is birthed and more and more energy pours into the flow. You seem to know exactly what to do and when to do it. Decisions become more of an art than an agony. As you listen to that inner you, you are automatically steered in the right direction. It’s like you’ve got this eagle, high up in the sky, telling you what is ahead so you can move in the right direction and be ready when it get here.



oktober 2018
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50 pagina's


Beverly Hill
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How to Make the Right Decision Every Time
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