Economics for the Common Good

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Jean Tirole

Jean Tirole (born 9 August 1953) is a French professor of economics. He focuses on industrial organization, game theory, banking and finance, and economics and psychology. In 2014 he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his analysis of market power and regulation.

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The description for this book, Economics for the Common Good, will be forthcoming.


As I had the privilege of helping prepare the English edition, I've read it with careful attention, and most appreciated Tirole's ability to crystallise complicated issues in a straightforward way, combining surgical analysis with very clear explanation. This is too rare a skill among economists. --The Enlightened Economist Tirole, a Nobel Prize-winning French economist, explains in straightforward language what academic economists do, how they think about society and human behavior, and what advice they tend to offer governments about some of the biggest challenges they face. --Foreign Affairs Jean Tirole is that rare exception, a Nobel laureate who believes he has a responsibility to talk clearly about the concerns of noneconomists. This exceptional book shows the value of careful economic thinking on issues ranging from unemployment to global warming. Required reading for anybody who wants to understand today's economy. --Olivier Blanchard, former Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund Economics for the Common Good offers an ambitious yet accessible summary of his ideas on the proper role of economists and the value of their ideas in informing government, business and social life. . . . Mr. Tirole has a patient, explanatory style. But when riled, he lashes out. ---Philip Delves Broughton, Wall Street Journal French economist Jean Tirole spells out the usefulness of rigorous economic thinking for society in deep, yet accessible, language in his book Economics for the Common Good. The strength of the book is in its breadth. It brings clarity and simplicity to many complex topics covering various fields in economics ranging from climate change, labor market laws, and the global financial crisis to the euro crisis and the gig economy. Many illustrative examples . . . make the book accessible, and each chapter can be read on its own. . . . Many readers will benefit from reading this great book, rich with insights into a broad spectrum of policy questions. ---Markus Brunnermeier, Finance & Development 'Economists must . . . with humility and conviction, harness economics for the common good.' That is the last sentence of the new book by Jean Tirole, winner of the 2014 Nobel Memorial Prize for economics. Economics for the Common Good has a great deal of humility, a fair amount of conviction and a sincere commitment to improving the world. ---Edward Hadas, Reuters Breaking Views Economics for the Common Good is an ambitious book. As the title suggests, it is a response to the crisis of the economics profession, whose credibility was badly damaged by the financial turmoil of 2008. Though not the first book to address this, more than any earlier attempt it manages to balance a constructive critique of economists with a strong defence of the subject they study. ---Martin Sandbu, Financial Times Winner of the 2018 George S. Eccles Prize for Excellence in Economic Writing, Columbia Business School Longlisted for the 2017 Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award Selected for Bloomberg View's Must-Reads of 2017: Monopolies, Sexism and Economics One of Bloomberg's Best Books of 2017 One of Financial Times ( Best Books of 2017: Economics One of Project Syndicate's Best Reads in 2017 (chosen by J. Bradford DeLong) One of the Times Higher Education Books of the Year 2017, chosen by Sir Anton Muscatelli One of the Microsoft Best Business Books of 2017 Jean Tirole, Winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Economics Economics for the Common Good is a delightfully written and deeply insightful book, offering striking and illuminating paradoxes about economic behavior. --Harold James, Princeton University Jean Tirole puts at center stage the essential contribution of economics, and economists, to our shared hopes and aspirations for the societies we live in. This is an essential book with a hopeful message for anyone concerned about the key economic challenges we all face today. --Diane Coyle, author of GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History I predict that Jean Tirole's Economics for the Common Good will join Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century as the two most widely read and important books by economists yet to be published in this century. With Tirole's terrific, wisdom-filled book, the world will be a better place. --Glenn Loury, Brown University



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Jean Tirole
Princeton University Press


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