Environmental Integration in the EU's External Relations Beyond Multilateral Dimensions

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Environmental Integration in the EU's External Relations
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  • 9781849461870
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  • maart 2012
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The book examines the integration of environmental protection requirements into EU external relations focusing on unilateral, bilateral and inter-regional instruments, which have been less explored than the multilateral dimension of EU environmental policy. The book also explores for the first time the complex interplay and mutual influences between EU environmental integration initiatives and environmental multilateralism. On the one hand it identifies the legal and other instruments used by the EU to support the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements in third countries (particularly developing ones). On the other hand, it singles out the legal and other tools employed by the EU as a means to build partnerships with third countries in order to influence ongoing multilateral negotiations concerning the environment and sustainable development, or to contribute to the development of new international environmental norms in the absence of such multilateral negotiations. Ultimately, the book traces the significant evolution of the various tools deployed by the EU to integrate environmental concerns in its external relations, with a view to identifying emerging challenges and future directions.


As a research tool, the book is highly recommended. It is thoroughly and carefully researched, filled with interesting and relevant examples, and approaches its subject with a broad brush. As such, it paints a useful and well-documented picture of the state of the art in environmental policy integration in the field of external relations Jessica C. Lawrence -- Jessica C. Lawrence * European Law Review, Volume 39 * The principle of environmental integration is a popular topic in European Union (EU) environmental law research. In their new book, Gracia Marin Duran and Elisa Morgera approach this familiar theme from a novel perspective - that of EU external relations with an emphasis on bilateral and inter-regional dimensions. This focus makes the book of particular interest from the perspective of Transnational Environmental Law: the rich variety of examples in the book illustrate how transnational environmental cooperation increasingly takes place beyond multilateral environmental processes. The amount of material that the authors have studied is truly impressive [and the] book's greatest strength lies in the amount of detail it provides. The concrete examples serve to illustrate the authors' main argument - that bilateral and inter-regional tools play an important role in environmental cooperation among states, and the authors also succeed in shedding light on the nature and function of such tools. Overall, this well-researched book broadens the traditional focus from the EU's international legislation and MEAs towards other increasingly relevant forms of transnational environmental governance. As such, it provides a solid basis for a discussion of the broader implications of this trend, including its multifaceted legitimacy implications. -- Kati Kulovesi * Transnational Environmental Law, Issue 1, Number 2 (2012) * ...it seems that the book gives something to everybody, for those familiar with this niche area of EU external relations, the book provides for an up-to-date overview of instruments and offers views on how environmental and sustainability conditions have been integrated into various instruments. It also provides advice and guidance for future challenges and developments. For those not so familiar with the area, the book provides for the necessary background to understand the details and the criticism. -- K. Talus * Oil, Gas & Energy Law Intelligence, Volume 10 - Issue 5 *



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Beyond Multilateral Dimensions
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