Hi, Just a Quick Question Queries, Advice, and Figuring It All Out


Building on the success of I Really Didn't Think This Through, this long-awaited, hilarious sequel by popular Instagram artist Beth Evans (292k followers) offers her take on life's most daunting questions. With 250 never-before-seen comics, Hi, Just a Quick Question is the follow-up to Beth Evans' wildly popular I Really Didn't Think This Through. Written in a fun Q&A style format, Beth tackles 50 How do I style questions with her endearing, self-effacing humor and keen insight for what we as human beings need most to hear: that we're all just figuring it out and that anyone who says (or posts) otherwise is pretending. A How-to guide from someone who understands many of the day-to-day struggles we can encounter, Hi, Just a Quick Question tackles topics including personal effectiveness, friendship, anxiety, self-care, solitude, and forging our own identities in the world. Sample questions include: * How do I stop procrastinating? * How do I express my feelings when the words won't come out? * How do I deal with emotional dark pits? * How do I find coping skills that work for me? * How do I make a self-care routine? * How do I keep going forward when everything is hard? * How do I handle people who don't take mental health seriously? * How do I stay positive? * How do I learn to love myself in a way that doesn't feel forced? * How do I know if there's something wrong with me? Hi, Just a Quick Question is the perfect gift for a new graduate, someone you love, or even for yourself.
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september 2020
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Beth Evans
HarperCollins Publishers Inc



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Queries, Advice, and Figuring It All Out

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