How to Age-Proof Your Dog EBOOK Tooltip The Art and Science of Successful Canine Aging

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  • april 2017
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How to Age-Proof Your Dog: The Art and Science of Successful Canine Aging gives dog owners the information and tools they need to provide proactive and preventative health care starting early in their dog's life and continuing throughout various stages and ages. In this book, readers are instructed not only how (and why) to do a regular physical examination of their dog's body, but also a regular exam of their dog's breed, behavior, personality - even of their dog's five senses. They are asked to consider why they chose that dog and how the dog fits in with their lifestyle, so that they can choose the right health maintenance goals for their dog. Specific information is provided about the most important things for owners to start young to help their dog become old. Health, activity, sensory and behavior trends in youth, middle age and old age are covered, along with breed-related health problems. How to Age-Proof Your Dog is a guide for dog owners so that they can start, and then keep, their dogs on a smooth, straight road to a successful old age.


Murphy, a veterinarian with 17 years of experience, has ushered canines through all stages of life, from their earliest weeks to their final days, while acquiring valuable information about how they live and age. She shares her knowledge in this detailed guide, using anecdotes from her practice to show dog owners how to help their dogs age well. The book delves into a dog's senses and changes to watch out for as dogs age. Murphy urges dog owners to practice the 'Fab 4' with their dogs: provide purpose, supply structure, target togetherness, and practice prevention. Toward the end, Murphy touches upon geriatric dog issues such as arthritis and the diminishing of senses and mental capacities, and also prepares owners for grief. Written with a tender touch, this thoughtful guide is essential reading for dog owners. * Publishers Weekly * This book should go along with the new puppy. It contains much of what you need to know to raise a great dog. Plus, it will help both pet parent and dog prepare for the issues that go along with aging. -- Marie Cargill, holistic practitioner, a licensed acupuncturist, a registered herbalist, and a homeopathy proponent for both pets and their people; author of Cancer and Your Pet: A Guide to Alternative and Integrated Treatment

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april 2017
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The Art and Science of Successful Canine Aging
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