It's Complicated The Social Lives of Networked Teens

It's Complicated
Auteur: Danah Boyd
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  • 9780300199000
  • december 2014
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Surveys the online social habits of American teens and analyzes the role technology and social media plays in their lives, examining common misconceptions about such topics as identity, privacy, danger, and bullying.


danah boyd . . . is one of my favorite people to talk with about teenagers and technology. That's not because I agree with her all the time. . . . But danah is the best kind of sparring partner because she always tells me something I didn't know along the way. That holds true with her new book, which offers interviews with teenagers in communities across the country. By filtering them through her distinct danah lens, she gleans valuable insights. -Emily Bazelon, Slate Based on a decade of research and interviews with adolescents from the suburbs to the inner city, It's Complicated is a persuasive anti-alarmist polemic that should help ease parents' concerns about all sorts of Internet bogeymen. -Randye Hoder, TIME Health & Family The key point is that social behaviour is adaptive, and people in power (i.e. parents) rarely understand the coping strategies being used by others. When adults start worrying about our children's use of the internet, we should also ask what we can learn from our children-and then look in the mirror at our own behaviour too. And have the courage to give kids more freedom physically to roam in the 'real' world- alongside their travels in cyberspace. -Gillian Tett, Financial Times The book took a decade to complete, and cites sociologists including Michel Foucault and Erving Goffman, but it's the voices of the 166 teenagers Boyd interviewed across America that make it a truly enlightening read. -Jane Mulkerrins, The Sunday Telegraph It's Complicated, a new book about teenagers and digital technology by the media scholar danah boyd, places today's smartphones, iPads and laptops in the context of this perennial power struggle between adolescents and parents. In doing so, it adds much to our understanding of a young generation of hyper-connected, hybrid consumer-producers - a cohort whose behaviour often unites parents, educators and investors in collective bewilderment. -Gautam Malkani, The Financial Times [T]here is something marvellously sensible about Boyd's resolutely academic style. . . . Boyd's anatomy of teenage life is penetrating. -Jane Shilling, The Sunday Telegraph boyd's new book is layered and smart . . . It's Complicated will update your mind. -Alissa Quart, New York Times Book Review Students, parents, and educators will find this a comprehensive study of how technology impacts teens' lives and how adults can help balance rather than vilify its inevitable use. -Publishers Weekly [T]here are. . .a lot of interesting observations here: that most teenagers aren't digital natives as we like to believe. -Carole Cadwalladr, The Observer It's Complicated champion[s] a rich, complex idea of what youth is about, and view[s] with horror the way adult discussions so often reduce the young to mute metrics. -Simon Ings, New Scientist Boyd's slim academic study makes a compelling case that today's teenagers are more adept at navigating [the] dilemmas of the social media age than we old crusties aged 20 and over. -Helen Lewis, New Statesman In It's Complicated, [boyd's] detailed new anthropological inquiry into the internet habits of American teenagers, she does much to dispel many of the alarmist myths that surround young people and social media. Boyd has spent over a decade interviewing teens about their use of social media, and in the process has developed a nuanced feel for how they live their online lives. -Jacob Mikanowski, Prospect Magazine Winner of the 2015 Educators Book Award given by the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International In explaining the networked realm of teens, boyd has the insights of a sociologist, the eye of a reporter, and the savvy of a technologist. For parents puzzled about what their kids are doing online, this is an indispensable book. -Walter Isaacson, CEO of the Aspen Institute, author of Steve Jobs If you want to understand the digital worlds inhabited by today's young people, this is the book to read. -Howard Gardner, coauthor of The App Generation I want to get this publication into the hands of every teacher, parent, policy maker, and journalist. Thoughtful in her analysis and adept at skewering the most common misunderstandings and anxieties about teens' online lives, boyd is the best possible person to write a book like this, and this book does not disappoint in any way. -Henry Jenkins, coauthor of Spreadable Media: Creating Meaning and Value in a Networked Culture Astute, nuanced, provocative and hopeful, boyd does it all in this must-read treatise on teens and their digital lives. -Stephen Balkam, Founder and CEO, Family Online Safety Institute danah boyd is one of the smartest people thinking about how teenagers use the Internet-a topic of enormous importance to parents, me included. Her book is smart, sophisticated, and imbued throughout with a rare and wonderful sensitivity to the real, lived experiences of teenagers. Read it to understand what they're doing online, and why-you'll come away enlightened! -Emily Bazelon, author of Sticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy



december 2014
Aantal pagina's
296 pagina's


Danah Boyd
Yale University Press



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The Social Lives of Networked Teens

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