Living Gry

Living Gry
Auteur: Marley
Uitgever: Dlp Publishing
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9780999595701
  • maart 2019
  • 256 pagina's
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Tall, dark-haired, muscular, and well-endowed, Glen has never had a problem with the ladies, picking them up everywhere from his work as a baggage handler at the airport to bars during his free time. He regales his coworkers, stolid Sarge and overeager Rashid, with the tales of his sexual conquests. Unbeknownst to everyone, the publicly enthusiastically heterosexual Rashid is fighting his own internal battle of identity, struggling against traditional parents and his deepest desires. Petite, conservative Rebecca hasn't had a sex life to speak of for longer than she'd care to admit—let alone a social life—thanks to her job as a flight attendant and conservative upbringing. But when Rebecca overhears Glen's ardent encounter with a busty young traveler in an airport bathroom, she can't stop fantasizing about what happened behind that bathroom door, or imagining herself being taken forcefully by the cocky dark-haired baggage handler in the other woman's place. Desperate to purge her obsession, Rebecca dives into online dating, but fails to find what she's looking for in the bland sexual encounters with men who swipe right and sound mother-approved on the app.

After years of happily satisfying the women who crossed his path with his size and experience, Glen has few virginities left to share. A deeply emotional encounter with a dark-haired divorcee and breast cancer survivor named Elena pokes the first hole in Glen's content sex life. It takes several more women after Elena to burst the bubble, including a threesome in which Glen finds himself dominated by a borderline sadist named Briana. When a chance encounter brings Glen and Rebecca face to face, she finally has the opportunity to act on her fantasies, but she has no idea what she's getting into. Blending sensuality and romance with control and domination, Glen introduces Rebecca to a world of carnal pleasure she'd only ever imagined—and never for herself. Emboldened and curious about the sexual fire Glen's domination sparked within her, but unsure of any potential for love or a real relationship beyond the submission and games she so enjoyed with the playboy, Rebecca agrees to her first date with another woman…while still in Glen's bed.

When Glen sees Rebecca's chats arranging the lesbian date on her phone, what might have been comes crashing down, leaving each to spiral down different paths. Glen, approaching an epiphany about his potential outside of a woman's bed, attempts to sort out his feelings with his friends Sarge and Rashid. While Rashid explores his deepest secret and true self, Glen finds himself in the arms of Trudy, an experienced cougar who'd been stood up at the bar. It is Trudy who finally breaks Glen, introducing him to pegging and freeing him to wonder what life would be like if he pursued something more important than orgasms.

Rebecca finds temporary solace and orgasms first in the talented hands and tongue of woman named Sam, then in the exhibitionist but odd Dave, then in a blur of strangers—all the while seeking to drown out the memory of the exquisite eroticism of Glen's domination over her. When faced with the shocking revelation of Rashid's homosexuality, cross-dressing, and possible transgender identity—and their complicated fallout—Glen's straight, cisgendered male worldview is challenged, but he finally understands what he wants. A year later, neither he nor Rebecca is the person each had been, but the potential for what could be is tantalizing when a chance encounter brings them together once more.



maart 2019
Aantal pagina's
256 pagina's


Dlp Publishing



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