One Step Beyond Time Existence Without Reason

One Step Beyond Time
Auteur: David Sperry
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781432767181
  • augustus 2012
  • 446 pagina's
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This is an adventure into an unknown time zone where life connected to a frail and savage beginning. Two youngsters emerged with talents far superior to common cave dwellers. The setting was in the area that is now recognized as the upper Northwestern United States and Southwestern Canada. The time evolves approximately 10,000 years ago when cave dwellers were hunting with very primitive instruments. The story is centered on two eight year old cave boys with exceptional skills for crafting new forms of hunting tools necessary for survival. During this era life proved difficult for cave families to maintain a peaceful existence. It is obvious there were no boundaries, or borders to separate territories during this era. There was no history for cavers to relate too. During this period the element that we know as "TIME" was insignificant because cave dwellers had no recollection of time. According to science mankind did not have a conscience ten thousand years ago. Consequently they looked to the stars for guidance. Their intellect was extremely limited since the cave people had not established a means of communicating with each other well. Their only communication skills were marks and scratches they could place on cave walls, or rocks. Their verbal commands were hand and facial expressions which most had difficulty understanding. The young eight year old cave boys embarked on a mission of their own to conquer a life that would give them freedom to explore an untamed world. The harsh elements of nature put the young cavers in some precarious situations. Among a few of the exploits they encounter are the ferocious bear and mountain lion. They are forced to endure an earthquake, climbing mountains, and traversing dangerous rivers. Their primary reason to explore is to find the end of the cave world. During their quest to conquer the boys are confronted by many marauding bands of cave dwellers who wish to do them harm. While on their mission to discover the end of cave l



augustus 2012
Aantal pagina's
446 pagina's


David Sperry
Outskirts Press



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