Ponte al dia para el examen de CSEC

Taal: Engels
Ponte al dia para el examen de CSEC
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781471809118
  • oktober 2014
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Written specifically for the latest CSEC Spanish syllabus by an author with over 37 years' experience teaching Spanish in the Caribbean. - Reflects Caribbean contexts in the reading material and includes specific Spanish cultural information in every lesson - Combines traditional exercises with modern ways to engage students, including opportunities to write their own compositions - Provides exam support with questions presented in the CXC format and unique guidance on how to do well in the exam and avoid common mistakes


A welcomed and refreshing resource for Spanish instruction in the Caribbean. The chapters presented reflect contemporary themes and vocabulary that make learning meaningful and relatable to the student. This resource is attractive, content-rich with a diversity of exercises that make the learning and teaching of Spanish fun. The Workbook that goes with this text offers further exercises that entrench Spanish learning. The CD's assist the student to develop their listening and pronunciation skills. -- Earla Ahye, Spanish Teacher * Earla Ahye, Spanish Teacher * A very good text which can be used as either a teacher-resource or by students in the classroom. The text which is complete with audio has a vast array of topics that are relevant to the Caribbean Secondary Syllabus for Spanish and it's cultural and historical capsules are grounded in facts that pertain to the Spanish Caribbean. The 'Check-list' and 'Aim For the Stars' components at the end of each chapter provide a very good focal point for students after they have explored the topic of each lesson. * Michele Mohammed, Vice Principal (Ag), Former Head of Dept Modern Languages, St Mary's college * Yours is the best Spanish textbook for Caribbean students that I have encountered. It is contemporary (e.g. references to cellphones, the internet etc.) and enables the student to deal with frequently encountered situations. I compliment you on the choice and range of vocabulary. -- Rolston Nelson, former Spanish teacher & Oxford graduate in Spanish language and literature, Trinidad & Tobago Wonderful resource for both students preparing for the Spanish CSEC exam, as well as the teachers and tutors helping them to prepare. As a professional tutor, I often find preparing students for the oral section of the examination to be quite challenging, but the ample audio recordings by native speakers which accompany the exercises in both the textbook and workbook have been an invaluable aid. Sprinkled throughout the text are also tips for students on how to achieve top marks in the exam. Labelled 'Aim for the Stars', these tips serve as an extremely useful aid for the students. I can wholeheartedly recommend !Ponte al dia! to both students and teachers as an extremely useful supplement to traditional classroom instruction. -- Paul James Hadden, Language Teacher I found the step-by-step approach both stimulating and challenging so that in spite of my decades as a retired teacher I became a student once more, fascinated by the modern technological vocabulary. -- Sister Reina, St. Joseph's Convent, Port-of-Spain User friendly book designed especially for the Caribbean student with a very attractive layout and overall design. The grammatical components covered are clear and concise and each chapter is well structured into several categories for easy navigation. Furthermore, the accompanying audio CD's provide the extra support required for language acquisition. This book is guaranteed to be a great help on the road to success in the CSEC examinations. -- Nicole Nelson, Foreign Language Specialist Martinez has accomplished an unprecedented and impressive feat by publishing a Spanish textbook for the Caribbean student which both teaches the language clearly and comprehensively and offers an engaging interface. The format of the textbook captures the student's attention and facilitates his learning experience by offering a variety of exercises, clear explanations of sometimes tricky grammatical points and vocabulary scattered throughout the text in manageable amounts. -- Solange Khan, former French and Spanish high school teacher It is a rare joy to encounter a Spanish text that not only competently unlocks the language, but engages the Caribbean reader with such unforced credibility and creative freshness. Ponte al Dia is a real gift to students of a language that has deep historical roots in the region's evolution, and that is fast becoming necessary to be at home with. Moreover, Martinez clearly understands the language needs and interests of students at this level. Social, cultural and geographical realities are well balanced with the wonders and challenges of living in a modern, technological world of computers, travel and commerce. -- Jennifer Rahim, Senior Lecturer, UWI, St Augustine



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Shelley Martinez Shelley Martinez
Shelley Martinez
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