Read in Between the Lines And Within the Margins

Read in Between the Lines
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781483664484
  • december 2013
  • 92 pagina's
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The title Read in between the lines and within the margins is a request from the author to the reader to opt in not only reading the feelings expressed therein, but also feel, value, and relate to them as well. This array of pieces reflects emotions such as confusion, understanding, fulfillment, confidence, depression, joy, and wrath. The author reemphasizes her request by dedicating the first poem to the title of the book. The sequence of poetic perspectives also exemplify various writing techniques such as metaphors found in The Soundless Day, In Trouble, and even Constipation, or the common technique of assonance heavily used in God is Awesome and My Blackground. The AABB and ABAB are just a few standard rhyme schemes demonstrated in the book, as many other combinations are represented as well. The author even gave her readers a little sample of onomatopoeia, found in A woman of my own mind. The author also used emotive and colloquial languages to bring various perspectives to life and to emphasize strong emotion, such as the colloquial found in A Thugs perspective or in The Stuck up; The Stupid, or the emotive language used in most pieces. This collection of poems is unique because they complement each other as they move back and forth between Narrative and Expository modes. Though this book follows many technical elements of writing, the author took risks and broke some of the rules to standard writing, such as run-on sentences like in My Blackground, lowercase letters on proper nouns, and capital letters on improper nouns such as in The murmurs of the devil , and One Hug. These risks were taken to symbolize how the author viewed various characters in the pieces. Other risks were used to aid in emphasizing the emotion the author is portraying in the poems. Some samples of Read in Between the Lines and Within the Margins have been recited at various poetry events and sessions and have been displayed online. They have also been shared with family and close friends. Though the pieces have been shared, this is their first publication, with more exciting moves to come.



december 2013
Aantal pagina's
92 pagina's
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Shameka S Bush
Xlibris Corporation



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And Within the Margins
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