Street-Smart Advertising How to Win the Battle of the Buzz

Street-Smart Advertising
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  • september 2006
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Even the most creative minds need stimulation. Inspiration can come from examples of exceptional work, exercises designed to motivate, or time to reflect. The more inventive pieces the mind takes in, the more resources it has to draw from. Street Smart Advertising: How to Win the Battle of the Buzz contains countless examples designed to jump-start the right side of the brain. Margo Berman's book is packed with memorable uses of new media, exciting on-strategy marketing, creative online work, and insightful quotes by giants in the advertising industry. She offers innovative techniques to generate 'sticky' slogans and headlines, easy-to-apply copywriting tips, and practical revision strategies. Berman has updated the book to reflect how online media has changed its approach from 'pushing' information to the audience to 'pulling' - i.e., engaging the audience in a brand. By using social networking groups like Facebook and Twitter, the author points out, even small companies can have a giant digital footprint by leveraging their online presence, offering relevant insights, and stimulating consumer-created content. In tough economic times, Berman says, savvy advertisers don't need huge budgets to engage the audience and create forums for them to share ideas. The biggest change in marketing is reaching people through new touch points: through audience intersection, viral marketing, and online dialogues. As Street Smart Advertising makes clear, those who become victorious in this new marketing arena will win the battle of the buzz.


Recommended. * CHOICE * As important as it may be, the portfolio is merely the introduction when looking for a job. The deciding factors for getting the job are your passion and enthusiasm. The same holds true for a teacher and an author. Not only is Margo Berman talented and brilliant, she's also totally committed to her students. She writes and teaches with passion and enthusiasm. And almost superhuman energy. For those who can't be in her class, this book is the next best thing. She writes the way she teaches. -- Norm Grey, creative director, The Creative Circus Berman's book is full of advice and usable techniques for anyone interested in the creative side of the business. Junior writers and art directors, take note: In an industry crazy with competition surrounding the first job and how to get it, Street-Smart Advertising is something to read and remember. -- Deborah Morrison, University of Oregon In Street-Smart Advertising, Margo Berman gives you the answers to the questions you must ask if you're embarking upon a battle for the buzz that you want to be sure to win. -- Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the 'Guerrilla Marketing' book series Highly engaging and informative reading, particularly for budding, university-level ad creatives. Berman has produced a winner, chock full of doable, exciting, and effective creative ideas. Appropriate exercises and projects are presented throughout, plus a helpful glossary. -- Michael H. McBride, Texas State University Loaded with lots of great ideas and concepts. Guaranteed to stimulate your thinking and your creative juices. -- Al Ries, Ries & Ries; author of The Origin of Brands Margo Berman delivers sound insight on key advertising issues in her new book, bringing proven business and academic skills to the discussion of creativity and advertising. * Corp! Magazine * [Street Smart Advertising is] a savvy primer replete with the back-stories of the most successful ad slogans of all time, like Nike's 'Just Do It.' Plus a few clunkers, like Nike's not-so-sticky follow-up campaign. Show of hands: Who remembers 'Yes you can?' * Sky Magazine * Readers are encouraged to rethink traditional media usage, develop self-promotion materials, explore new advertising vehicles, and think in a more creative way. . . . While written for advertising students and professors, the book may also interest professionals who enjoy reading about campaigns that created a global buzz. * Reference and Research Book News, February 1, 2007 * Unravels the mystery of what creates a buzz in today's challenging marketplace. . . . This handy guide is packed with excellent visual examples, comments by top creative talents, applicable advertising techniques and more. * Hao-Odnla, May 2010 *



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Margo Berman
Rowman & Littlefield


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Street-Smart Advertising: How to Win the Battle of the Buzz



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How to Win the Battle of the Buzz
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