Summary & Study Guide A Biography of Cancer

Summary & Study Guide
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This guide is an UNOFFICIAL summary of the book, “NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity,” by Steve Silberman. It is a supplement to the original book, to make its main ideas easier to understand and put to practice.

In NeuroTribes, the ward-winning science journalist Steve Silberman changes the societal conversation about autism with a groundbreaking and comprehensive history of this much-talked-about but little-understood condition. The book reveals a perfect storm that led to the sudden increase in diagnosis beginning in the 1990s. It describes how parents were bombarded with conflicting and misleading information on the causes and potential cures of the disease. It also describes how to embrace the concept of neurodiversity to build a better world for autistic people rather than searching for potential causes and risk factors.

This guide helps you understand and practice the ideas described in the book. It includes:

  • A compact summary of the original book. The summary will help you understand the key ideas and recommendations. It helps you master the concept while offering a rapid refresher when you need it most. Use it to keep the topic relevant and in front of you for times you fall off track. It’ll save you precious time rereading the book to reabsorb, remember and re-categorize. We did the work for you; and
  • Online Videos. These are extra learning materials such as on-demand replay of public lectures, and seminars. They help reinforce your understanding of the ideas and make them easier to put to practice.

  • This study guide is more than a book summary: use it as a supplement to the book to make the ideas easier to understand and put to practice.

    Table of Contents

    Preface....... Iii
    Introduction: Beyond The Geek Syndrome..... 1
    Chapter 1: The Wizards Of Clapham Common.... 3
    Chapter 2: The Boy Who Loves Green Straws.... 5
    Chapter 3: What Sister Viktorine Knew.... 9
    Chapter 4: Fascinating Peculiarities.... 17
    Chapter 5: The Invention Of Toxic Parenting.... 22
    Chapter 6: Princes Of The Air..... 25
    Chapter 7: Fighting The Monster..... 28
    Chapter 8: Nature’s Smudged Lines..... 35
    Chapter 9: The Rain Man Effect..... 38
    Chapter 10: Pandora’s Box..... 41
    Chapter 11: In Autistic Space..... 47
    Chapter 12: Building The Enterprise Designs For A Neurodiverse World.... 52
    Epilogue: The Mayor Of Kensington..... 53

    Tags: autism; rain man; biomedical; applied behavior analysis; asperger syndrome; kanner; autistic; feeblemind; eugenic; hitler; rimland; neurodiversity; psychology; psychiatry; psychoanalysis; wakefield; vaccine;



    februari 2017
    Aantal pagina's
    102 pagina's



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    A Biography of Cancer
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