The Art of the Q Build Your Business with Questions

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The Art of the Q
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781499641165
  • mei 2014
  • 132 pagina's
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The Art of the Q • Build Your Business with Questions by Charlie Van HeckeCharlie Van Hecke’s new book, The Art of the Q, makes the case that we are all in sales!From beginning to end, The Art of the Q provides real-life examples and case studies. Charlie Van Hecke persuasively shows the reader how to make specific changes that lead to success, through relationships built on trust.This fast-paced business book begins with basic questioning skills to help readers connect, engage, and understand their customers. The author provides case studies from 17 different industries, with examples, samples, and actual interactive scripts to improve business relationships.Transitioning quickly to more assertive intermediate skill sets, Charlie shows how to qualify customers by asking planned-out question sequences. This saves time and helps business owners, sales people, and other business professionals to focus on their customers. Highlighting the value of internal qualities like empathy and persistence, Charlie advises business people how to grow from the inside out.Charlie Van Hecke’s advanced SCAN Method then encourages the reader to observe and formulate probing questions to uncover customers’ real needs and wants. The Art of the Q concludes with approaches for addressing buyers’ doubts, cementing productive relationships, and following through to close the sale.* Questions help you differentiate your products and get a higher price by guiding buyers to become aware of their needs and wants.* Qualification helps save you time by recognizing the buyers who will say yes to you.* Questions help you identify and remove obstacles.* Qualification helps you prioritize real buyers who can afford your solutions.The abilities to ask questions and to qualify are two core competencies. Whether you target businesses or consumers in your work, you need to learn The Art of the Q.* Unlock your internal qualities to become a super communicator! Business people who work on their own traits find the keys to success, despite industry change or recession.* Learn how Questions – and specifically Qualification sequences – can put money in your pocket and save you hours of effort.* Understand the counseling and closing skills that keep you task-oriented while preserving relationships.* Learn to advance the sale using trial closes and next-step questions without fear of being pushy or rude.And if you think, “But I’m not in sales,” take a moment to consider: Where does selling actually take place in your own career and life? Author Charlie Van Hecke explains that we’re all in sales, whether selling ideas, methods, solutions, or widgets.“My hope in the short term is that you make more money with less work. In the long term, I believe this book can transform your career and help you build a more satisfied and loyal customer base. I passionately believe that if you read, absorb and apply The Art of the Q, then YOU will learn to become more efficient and successful in business, sales, and life.” -- Charlie Van Hecke



mei 2014
Aantal pagina's
132 pagina's



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Build Your Business with Questions
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